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“基于团簇理论的薄膜成分设计”专题主编 董闯 李晓娜
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“基于团簇理论的薄膜成分设计” 专题序言
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Special Topic—Film Composition Design Based on Cluster Theory

Chemical Formulas of Cr-doped Diamond-like Amorphous Carbon Possessing High Corrosion Resistance and Electrical Conductivity
  WU Ai-min, WANG Tong, WANG Qing, LIN Guo-qiang, DONG Chuang
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Advances in Thin-film Metallic Glasses
  LIU Lin-gen, DONG Chuang, WU Ai-min, LIN Guo-qiang, WAN Peng
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State-of-the-art and Prospects of Quasicrystalline Coatings and Thin Films
  XIN Xian-feng, DONG Chuang, PANG Chang, WAN Peng
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Advance in Irradiation Resistance for Fe-based Metallic Glass
  LI Na, ZHANG Xiao-nan, ZHANG Li-song, GUAN Tong, QIANG Jian-bing, LI Xiao-na, MEI Xian-xiu
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Composition Analysis and Design of Semiconductor Fe-Si Amorphous Thin Film
  ZHANG Jun-yi, LI Xiao-na, LI Zhu-min, BI Lin-xia, ZHENG Yue-hong, DONG Chuang
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Composition Design of Barrierless Cu Alloy Films Based on the Stable Solid Solution Cluster Model
  YANG Mian, LI Zhu-min, LI Xiao-na, LI Nan-jun, ZHENG Yue-hong, Jinn P. Chu, DONG Chuang
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Composition Design and Preparation of Surface Modified Cr-C Film of Stainless Steel Bipolar Plate for PEMFC
  ZOU Bao-jie, LIN Guo-qiang, WU Bo, WANG Tong
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Electron Carrier Concentration of Cation Doped ZnO by Cluster Plus Glue Atom Model
  LI Jun, LIU Hao, ZHANG Xin, WANG Quan, WANG Hua-lin, ZHANG Shuang, DING Wan-yu
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Nitrogenous Copper Alloy Thin Films Based on Stable Solid Solution Cluster Model
  ZHENG Yue-hong, ZHANG Na, LI Xiao-na, LI Zhu-min, DONG Chuang, LA Pei-qing
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专题——热喷涂技术研究及应用(2019 重庆市出版专项资金期刊资助项目)

Research Progress in Inductive Plasma Spheroidized Powder Materials for Thermal Spraying
  ZHAO Yang, ZHU Jin-peng, HAO Zhen-hua, SHU Yong-chun, YANG Kai-jun, HE Ji-lin
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Parallel Crack Monitoring of Thermal Barrier Coatings Based on Terahertz Technology
  YE Dong-dong, WANG Wei-ze, ZHOU Hai-ting, FANG Huan-jie, HUANG Ji-bo, GONG Han-hong, LI Zhen
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Effect of Heat Treatment on the Structure of HVOF-sprayed FeAl-Al Coating
  XIANG Jun-huai, WU Zhi-cheng, PENG Wen-yi, BAI Ling-yun, LIU Xue-zhang
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Research Review

A Review of Laser Surface Modification on Organic Polymers
  XIANG Hui-qing, QIN Zhong-li, ZHANG Qi, LIU Jian-guo
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Progress in Corrosion and Protection of Extruded Magnesium Alloys
  SONG Yu-lai, LIU Qing, WANG Hai-yang
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Research Progress on Rolling Contact Fatigue of Railway Wheel Treads
  WANG Yan-peng, DING Hao-hao, ZOU Qiang, XIAO Feng, ZHANG Xiao-feng, WANG Wen-jian, GUO Jun, LIU Qi-yue
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Graphene-based Coating: Its Properties and for Antibacterial and Tissue Engineering Applications
  WANG Xin, TIAN Hui-bo, YU Jun, LIU Yang, LI Ning, WANG Li-li, WANG Ping
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Research Progress of Polymer Binders for Pressure and Temperature Sensitive Paints
  CHEN Zhen-hua, ZHOU Xiao-long, ZHANG Zong-bo, ZHANG Ming-yan, XU Cai-hong
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The Present State and Outlook of Studies of Frictional Nonlinearity Induced by Confined Particles in Mix-friction
  YAN Xiao-yu, WANG Wei, LIU Xiao-jun
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Research Progress of Radar Absorbing Coating Materials
  YAN Jia-xin, WU Jian-hua, SHI Jun-you, ZHANG Xian-hui
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Surface Functionalization

Self-propelled and Size Distribution of Condensate Droplets on Superhydrophobic Surfaces
  ZHOU Bao-yu, YANG Hui, FENG Wei, JIANG Yu-feng, CHEN Yue
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Preparation Method of Antireflective Glass Surface via Salt Chemical Reagents
  HAO Xia, PAN Guo-zhi, CUI Yong-hong, ZHAO Hui-feng, JIANG Hong
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Friction, Wear and Lubrication

Wear Properties of Microarc Oxidation Coating of 2A12 Aluminum Alloy in Two Systems
  HUANG Li-bao, HAO Jian-min, ZHANG Bin-ying, MA Jian-ji
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Effects of Jet Electrodeposition Current Density on Microstructure and Properties of Co-Ni-nano Cr3C2 Composite Coatings
  ZHANG Qing, TAN Jun, XIE Feng-kuan, MENG Ling-dong, ZANG Yan, ZHU Xiao-ying
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Corrosion and Protection

Surface Microstructure and High-temperature Erosion Resistance of FeCrAl Coating after High Current Pulsed Electron Beam Treatment
  CHEN Jun, LI Wei, HE Dong-yun, HAO Sheng-zhi
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Effect of Laser Shock Peening on Fatigue Life of 2524 Aluminum Alloy
  LI Song-bai, ZHANG Cheng, LI Xiang, WANG Chong
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Effect of Shot Peening Parameters on the Gradient Nanocrystalline Structure of TC4 Titanium Alloy
  CHEN Han-yue, FU Tian-lin, GAO Yan
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Effect of Shot Peening on Rolling Contact Fatigue Properties of 25CrNi2MoV Steel
  QIN Hai-di, ZHANG Ya-long, LIU Hai-peng, QU Sheng-guan, LAI Fu-qiang
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Effect of Surface Boronizing on Corrosion Resistance of New β-Titanium Alloy
  WANG Hao, ZHANG Jiao-jiao, FENG Xiao-fei, WANG He-feng
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Effect of Graphene Nanosheets on Structure and Properties of Micro-arc Oxide Films Formed on D16T Aluminum Alloy
  LIU Wan-ying, LIU Ying, CHEN Long, LIN Yuan-hua, SHI Yun-sheng, GAO Ting-yan, QIU Yu-hong
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Simulation and Experiment of Laser Quenching Temperature Characteristics Based on Galvanometer Scanning
  CHEN Kai-ye, WANG Ye, WU Guo-long, WANG Miao, ZHANG Qun-li, YAO Jian-hua
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Optimization Effects of Cr Additives on the Microstructure and Property of Ni-Graphene Composite Coatings
  MENG Liang, HU Qin-you, SHI Chao-jian, HUANG Chang-hai
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Corrosion Behavior of 7050 Aluminum Alloy after Micro-arc Oxidation under Constant Load in NaCl Solution with Different pH Values
  HUA Tian-shun, SONG Ren-guo, ZONG Yu, CAI Si-wei
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Influences of NaCl Concentration on the Synergistic Action of Erosion-corrosion of Steel Used in Oil and Gas Gathering and Transportation Pipelines
  LI En-tian, ZHANG Jian-wei, ZHOU Hao, YANG Zu-ying, LIU Wen, WANG Lei, JIA Yong
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Effect of Graphene Concentration on Growth and Corrosion Resistance of Magnesium Based Ceramic Coating
  CHEN Hong, LI Pei, ZHU Xiao-yu, KANG Ya-bin
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Low Temperature B-Cr-Re Co-infiltration Induced by Shot Peening on Carbon Steel Surface
  ZHENG Cheng-wu, WANG Ze-li, WANG Da-zheng, YUAN Xing-dong
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Study on Thermal Properties of Ceramic Layer/Metal Layer/Ceramic Layer Composite Coating with Low Infrared Emissivity
  LI Qing-yu, ZENG Xian, CHENG Xu-dong
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Coating Material and Technology

Study on the Color Development of Anodic Oxidation Film of TC4 Titanium Alloy
  ZHANG Bin-ying, HAO Jian-min, CHEN Yong-nan, HUANG Li-bao, MA Jian-ji, YANG Ze-hui
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Effect of Temperature on Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of DLC Films Prepared on AZ31 Magnesium Alloy by Chemical Vapor Deposition
  YANG Li, ZHANG Tong, CHEN Dong-xu, WANG Ya-nan, ZHOU Yan-wen, CHEN Shu-jiang
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Effect of Technological Parameters on Electroless Nickel Plating of Continuous Carbon Fiber Surface with Electromagnetic Stirring
  QIAO Ying-ming, GAN Chun-lei, QU Ying-dong, WANG Shun-cheng, QU Yan-ping
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Preparation and Properties of Modified Hollow Glass Beads Grafting Fluororesin on Surface
  PAN Yue, WEN Qing-zhen, ZHU Jin-hua
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Precision and Ultra-precision Machining

Modeling and Experimental Study of Grinding Temperature Field Based on Annular Non-uniform Heat Source
  LI Xiao-qiang, DAI Shi-jie, ZHANG Hui-bo
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Influence of Shape of Aggregate Magnetic Iron Plate on Inner Surface of Pipe by Magnetic Abrasive Finishing
  LI Wen-long, CHEN Yan, LYU Yi-ni, CHENG Miao, ZHAO Yang
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Spherical Magnet with Ring Grooves Assisted Grinding Inner Surface of H63 Brass Bend Pipe
  ZHAO Yang, CHEN Yan, LYU Yi-ni, LI Wen-long, CHEN Song
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