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“电磁功能材料” 专题主编 曹茂盛 侯志灵 宋维力
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“电磁功能材料” 专题序言
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Green Architecture and Electromagnetic Shielding Materials
  CAO Mao-qing
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Review of Smart Electromagnetic Materials and Structures
  SONG Wei-li
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Low-dimensional Electromagnetic Functional Materials
  WANG Xi-xi and CAO Mao-sheng
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Graphene-based Electromagnetic Functional Materials
  SHU Jin-cheng and CAO Mao-sheng
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High-performance Ferroelectric Microwave Absorption Materials
  LI Yong, YANG Hui-jing, HAO Xi-hong and CAO Mao-sheng
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Microwave Absorption Properties of Co3O4/Biomass-rGO Heterostructure Nanosheets
  ZHANG De-qing, LIU Ting-ting, ZHANG Hui-bin, CHENG Jun-ye and CAO Mao-sheng
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Dielectric Properties and Microwave Absorption Properties of Magnetic Ferroferric Oxide Nanocomposites with Different Structures
  WANG Dian-jie and HOU Zhi-ling
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Co-Fe Deposited SiC Microparticles and Its Microwave Absorbing Properties
  WANG Qing-lu, WANG Li, LI Yong, YANG Hui-jing and CAO Mao-sheng
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Microwave Absorption Properties of Delaminated Titanium Carbide (d-Ti3C2Tx) Nanosheeet
  HE Peng, CAI Yong-zhu and CAO Mao-sheng
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Surface Modification and Microwave Absorption Properties of (SiC)P
  XU Hui and CAO Mao-sheng
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Microwave Absorption Performance of Spindle-Shaped ZnO/Reduced Graphene Oxide Heterostructure
  HE Jun-zhe, SUN Xin, SHU Jin-cheng, YANG Xuan and CAO Mao-sheng
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Electromagnetic Characteristics and Microwave Absorption Properties of Carbonyl Iron Composites with Different Morphologies
  LU Ming-ming, LIU Jia, GONG Yuan-xun, ZHAO Hong-jie and CAO Mao-sheng
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Preparation and Microwave Absorption Properties of Lightweight CB/RGO Composite Coating
  TANG Jin, LIN Bin, WANG Yong, HOU Gen-liang, LIU Chao-hui, LI Hao, LIN Yang-yang and BI Song
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Special Topic—Study on Carbon-based Functional Films and Their Applications

Research Advance in Application of Superhydrophobic Surfaces in Corrosion Protection of Metals
  JIANG Fan, ZHAO Yue and HU Ji-ming
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Research Progress in Dry Laser Cleaning on Corrosion and Coating Layers of Metal Surfaces
  MA Yu-shan, WANG Xin-lin, HE Tao, CHANG Zhan-dong, SUN Qi, LIU Hai-bo, WANG Xue-peng and DENG De-wei
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Research Progress of Photothermally Triggered Self-healing Coatings
  FAN Yi, WANG Jin-ke, MA Ling-wei, ZHANG Da-wei, CHENG Xue-qun and LI Xiao-gang
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Fabrication and Cutting Performance of Micro-textured Tools Based on Micro-grinding
  LIANG Zhi-qiang, LI Meng-zhao, CHEN Bi-chong, ZHOU Tian-feng, LI Shi-di, YAN Pei, ZHANG Su-yan and WANG Xi-bin
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Effect of Cryogenic Thermal Cycling Treatment of Fe-based Amorphous Powder on Tribological Properties of Detonation Gun Sprayed Coatings
  LI Xu-qiang, LI Wen-sheng, ZHAI Hai-min and TANG Peng-jun
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Influence of Grain Boundary at Different Angles on the Friction Properties of Monolayer Polycrystalline MoS2
  YANG Fei-peng, ZHENG Xue-jun, ZHANG Huan, HUANG Kuan and PENG Jin-feng
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Phase Structure Characterization and High-speed Scraping Behavior Analysis of Abrasable Coatings Based on Multifractal
  JI Zhao-hui, ZHANG Shuai, MA Xiang, DING Kun-ying and CHENG Tao-tao
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Effect of Diamond-like Coating on Tribological Behaviour of CoCrMo Alloy
  GUO Fei-fei, XU Guang-shen, REN Ming-ji and DONG Guang-neng
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Effect of the Silane Coupling Agent on the Anti-friction and Sustained Release Properties of Surface with the Micro Dimple Filled with PTFE
  FU Jing-guo, XU Chang-qi, ZHU Xin-he, LIU Geng-shuo, FU Yun-yang and MA Chun-sheng
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Microstructure and Properties of Plasma Nitrided F51 Duplex Stainless Steel
  MAO Sheng-mei, XU Xiao-lei and YU Zhi-wei
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Special Topic—Research and Application of Thermal Spraying Technology

Effect of Al/Cr Composite Coating on Hot Corrosion Resistance of Ti2AlNb Alloy
  LI Yang, MIAO Qiang, LIANG Wen-ping, LIN Hao, HUANG Chao-jun, ZHAO Zi-long and SUN Zi-wang
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Mechanical Behavior of Straight Crack on the Edge of Rail Surface by Distributed Dislocation Method
  WANG Qiang-sheng, LI Xiao-tao, ZAN Xiao-dong, SHENG Yue and JIANG Xiao-yu
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Corrosion Behavior of DH36 Steel in the Corrosion System of Vibrio natriegens, Bacillus sp. and Vibrio natriegens-Bacillus sp. Mixed Species
  DONG Shuo, HE Xiao-yan, BAI Xiu-qin and YUAN Cheng-qing
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Effect of Stearic Acid Additive on Corrosion Resistance of Anodized Film on AZ91D Magnesium Alloy
  ZHANG Xin-yu, TANG Yu-ming, ZHAO Xu-hui and ZUO Yu
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Surface Chromium Alloying and High Temperature Oxidation Resistance of Nickel-based Superalloy GH3039 under High Current Pulsed Electron Beam
  QIAN Zhen, YANG Fan, LYU Peng, CAI Jie, LI Yu-xin and GUAN Qing-feng
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Effect of B Addition on Microstructure and High Temperature Oxidation Resistance of AlMo0.5NbTa0.5TiZr Refractory High-entropy Alloys
  YAO Yu-hong, LIANG Xiao-yu, JIN Yao-hua, WANG Zheng-pin and NANJO Hiroshi
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Oxidation of TC4 Titanium Alloy Processed by Laser inside Powder Feeding Technology in Open Environment
  ZHANG Jin-chao, SHI Tuo, LI Gang, SHI Jian-jun, ZHU Gang-xian, SHI Shi-hong and FU Ge-yan
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Nanoindentation Creep of Ti-6V-4V Alloy Prepared by Selective Laser Melting
  DONG Guang-hui, YANG Shi-ting, JIANG Ai-feng, LANG Feng-chao, TIAN Xian-hui and LI Ji-jun
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Microstructure and Properties of Plasma Sprayed Al2O3-TiO2 Coatings on S135 Drill Pipe Material
  LYU Dong-li, LIAN Zhang-hua and GONG Song
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Accelerated Pitting Perforation of 5052 Aluminum Tube with Fireproofing Mud Coating
  ZHOU Hai-fei, ZHOU Fei-mei, TANG Han-bo, SUN Qing-feng, ZHANG Jie, CHEN Ming-xu and LUO Hong-jian
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Comparison of Corrosion Resistance of Cr/CrN and Cr/CrN/CrAlN Coatings Deposited by Magnetron Sputtering
  SONG Xiao-xiao, OUYANG Jun-jie, ZHAO Jie-yu, HU Deng-ke and CHEN Ya-jun
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Special Topic—Surface Modification of Biomaterials

Preparation of Low Cr Alloy Coating by Laser Cladding and Analysis of Cr Content on 9% Cr Steel
  CHEN Zhi-jun, DING Yu-ming, DONG Gang, SHEN Hong-wei, YAO Jian-hua, WU Zhi-wei and SHEN Lei
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Influence of Heat Treatment on the Microstructure and Properties of Electroless Copper Plating on AlN Substrate
  HAO Yang-yang, LIN Ying-fei, GAO Wei, ZHENG Kai-hong, WANG Hai-yan, ZHENG Zhi-bin and CHEN Heng
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First-principles on Stress Reduction Mechanism of Copper Doped Diamond-like Carbon Films
  ZHANG Er-geng, NIU Shuai, CHEN Qiang, PAN Wen-gao and LI Chao-yang
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Numerical Simulation Study on Thermal Cycle Characteristics of Temperature Field of TC4 Surface Laser Cladding Ni60 Based Coating
  ZHAO Sheng-ju, QI Wen-jun, HUANG Yan-hua and LEI Jing-feng
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Special Topic—Surface & Interface Design and Manufacture of Bionic Material

Error Remapping of Surface Morphology by Laser Polishing
  LI Jian, YANG Ye, JIN Wei-feng, ZENG Zi-han and YAN Si-qin
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Optimization of Process Parameters of Magnetic Abrasive Finishing TC4 Material Based on Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm
  ZHAO Chuan-ying, ZHAO Yu-gang, LIU Ning, SONG Pan-pan, GAO Yue-wu, ZHANG Yong and LIU Guang-xin
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Numerical Simulation and Experiment of Cavitation Erosion Mechanism of High Speed Internal Cooling Milling Holes
  SHEN Can, LI Guang-hui, YIN Ning-xia, XU Hong, XUE Jiao and TAN Guang-yu
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Stability of α-Al2O3 Nanoparticles Polishing Slurry and Its Effect on Polishing Performance of Sapphire
  ZHANG Man, ZHANG Qi-kai, ZOU Lan-mei, SUO Shi-xing and YU Shao-ming
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Prediction of Surface Roughness for Compacted Graphite Cast Iron Based on Support Vector Machine
  LU Juan, ZHANG Zhen-kun, WU Zhi-qiang, MA Jun-yan, LIAO Xiao-ping and HU Shan-shan
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Roughness and Property of CW Laser High Speed Polishing of Die Steel
  ZHOU Yong-quan, ZHANG Wei, XIAO Hai-bing, XU Xiao-mei and ZHU Ying
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