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“高能冲击磁控溅射技术及工程应用” 专题主编 李刘合
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“高能冲击磁控溅射技术及工程应用” 专题序言
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Special Topic: Surface Treatment Technology for Service Safety of Aerospace Components

Influence of Gradient Structure and Residual Stress on Fatigue Life after Surface Hardening
  LI Guo-lu, LI Shao-fan, DONG Li-hong, WANG Hai-dou and JING Jian-nong
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Research Progress on Surface Modification of Biodegradable Magnesium and Magnesium Alloys
  HU Yi-juan, BI Yan-ze, HE Dong-lei, YU Hong-yan and LI Yan
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Temporal/Spatial Characteristics of Plasma Discharge by High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering (HiPIMS)
  HAN Ming-yue, LI Liu-he, LI Hua, AI Meng and LUO Yang
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Research Progress on Preparation of Amorphous Carbon Thin Films by High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering
  ZUO Xiao, SUN Li-li, WANG Ai-ying and KE Pei-ling
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Comparison of Chromium Nitride Thin Films Deposited by Reactive Direct Current Magnetron Sputtering and High Power Pulsed Magnetron Sputtering
  LI Qian, LI Hua, WANG Zheng-duo, ZHANG Hai-bao, YANG Li-zhen, LIU Zhong-wei and CHEN Qiang
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Comparative Study on Structure and Properties of TiSiN Coatings Prepared by DCMS and HiPIMS
  LI Lin-ru, WANG Zhen-yu, ZUO Xiao, LIU Lin-lin, HUANG Mei-dong, KE Pei-ling and WANG Ai-ying
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Preparation and Tribological Properties of Cr-Al-Si-N Nanocomposite Coatings by Three Target Co-sputtering
  WANG Tie-gang, MENG De-qiang, LI Bai-song, ZHAO Yan-hui, LIU Yan-mei and JIANG Su-meng
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Deposition of Anti-corrosion and Wear-resisting DLC Coatings on Inner Wall of 304SS Tube
  WEI Xu-bing, ZHANG Ming-lan, WANG Yan, LU Zhi-bin, ZHANG Guang-an and LIN Bo
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Surface Functionalization

Effect of Surface Roughness of Stainless-steel Substrate on Water-film Adhesion
  HUANG Sheng, HANG Wei, CHEN Zhi-xiang, YUAN Ju-long, ZHAO Ping and Duc-Nam Nguyen
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Effect of Micro/Nano Structure on Condensation Characteristics of Hierarchical Superhydrophobic Silicon Surface
  DONG Jian, DONG He, LONG Zhi-jian, GUO You-hai and YE Sen-bin
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Diffusion and Precipitation Mechanism of Nitrogen in Austenitic Stainless Steel during Hot-wire Enhanced Plasma-assisted Nitriding
  TENG Yue, ZHOU Yan-wen, GUO Yuan-yuan, ZHANG Xin, ZHANG Ze, TAO Si-you, CHEN Jun and LIANG Ying-shuang
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Simulation and Experiment for Shot Peening Effect of Different Projectiles on Al-based Alloy
  CHEN Jia-wei, LIAO Kai, LI Li-jun, GAO Zi-cheng and ZHONG Li-ping
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Stress Field Optimization and Experimental Investigation of Titanium Alloy Lugs in Aircraft by Laser Shock Peening
  FENG Xiao-tai, HE Wei-feng, ZHOU Liu-cheng, TIAN Le, TIAN Zeng and CHEN Hai-bo
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Stability of Titanium-based IrO2-Ta2O5 Electrode in Electrolyte Containing Fluorine
  JIANG Yu-si, XIAO Fang-ming, WANG Ji-min and ZHANG Jian-hua
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Simulation Study on Effect of Energy Input on Mechanical Properties of TC4 Titanium Alloy by Ultrasonic Shot Peening
  CAI Jin and LIU Jian-bang
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Effect of Scanning Speed on Deformation and Microstructure of Thin Plate High-speed Steel by Laser Cladding
  CHEN Xiang, ZHANG De-qiang, SUN Wen-qiang, WANG Yi-chen and ZHANG Ji-qing
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Effect of Shot Peening on Surface Integrity and Fatigue Properties of AerMet100 Steel
  QIAN Ang, JIN Ping, TAN Xiao-ming, WANG De and WANG Peng
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Friction, Wear and Lubrication

Microstructure and Tribological Properties of La2O3 Modified Ti/MoS2 Nickel-based Composite Coatings
  HAN Xue, LIU Jin-na, CUI Xiu-fang, LU Xi-qun and JIN Guo
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Microstructure and Space Tribological Properties of NiCrBSi/Ag Composite Coating Prepared by Laser Cladding
  GUO Chun, MA Ming-liang, CHEN Feng and WEI Bao-li
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Corrosion and Protection

Preparation and Mechanical Properties of NiCrWMoCuCBFe Coatings
  WANG Yi-jing, HAO En-kang, ZHAO Xiao-qin, AN Yu-long and ZHOU Hui-di
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Effects of Scanning Speed of Spraying Gun on Temperature Field of Mo/8YSZ Gradient Thermal Barrier Coatings by Plasma Spraying
  PANG Ming, ZHANG Xiao-han and LIU Guang
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High Temperature and High Pressure Hydrodynamic Corrosion of Zirconium Alloy Surface Coating
  YANG Zhen, FAN Xiang-fang, QIU Chang-jun, LI Tao, LIU Yan-hong, WANG Xiao-jing and LI Huai-lin
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Corrosion Resistance and Erosion-corrosion Wear Performance of HVOF Sprayed Cr3C2-NiCr Coating in NaOH Solution
  WANG Jing, HE Bing, LUO Jing-shuai, YUAN Xiao and ZONG Xue-mei
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Preparation and Properties of Mechanically Deposited Cd Coatings
  HOU Yun-bo, WANG Sheng-min, ZHAO Xiao-jun and ZHANG Jun
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Microstructure and Electrochemical Properties of Cr2O3/TiO2 High Temperature Oxide Ceramic Composite Coating by Plasma Spraying
  CHEN Chun-jiang, JIA Bi, WANG Yun-fei, XU Rong and CHEN Si-jing
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Erosion-corrosion Behavior of Q235 Steel in Flowing Seawater Containing Sand Particles
  PENG Wen-shan, LIU Xue-jian, LIU Shao-tong, HOU Jian, QIU Ri, LIU Feng and SONG Hong-qing
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Effect of WC Particle Content on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Laser Cladded NiCrBSi-WC Composite Coating
  YANG Er-juan, LI Yong, LI Wei, LI Tai-jiang, LI Yi-chao, LIU Feng, MI Zi-hao and WANG Bo
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Coating Material and Technology

Stress Release and Adhesion Stability of TiN Films Deposited by High Power Pulsed Magnetron Sputtering
  TANG Xin, MA Dong-lin, CHEN Chang-zi, LENG Yong-xiang and HUANG Nan
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Effects of Magnetic Field Direction on Properties of Ni-ZrO2 Nanocomposite Coatings Prepared by Pulse Electrodeposition
  JIA Wei-ping, WU Meng-hua, JIA Zhen-yuan, ZHOU Shao-an, ZUO Shan-shan and YU Wei-wen
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Electrodeposition of Copper on NdFeB in CuCl-EMIC Ionic Liquid
  ZHUANG Chen and LING Guo-ping
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Effect of Ceric Ammonium Sulfate Sulphate on Crystallization Process of Immersion Silver Plating in Methane Sulfonic Acid System
  WU Dao-xin, YANG Rong-hua, XIAO Zhong-liang, WANG Yi-wei, YAO Wen-juan, ZHOU Guang-hua and WANG Wei-ye
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Effect of Electromagnetic Coil Voltage on Microstructure and Properties of TiAlN Coating Prepared by Arc Ion Plating
  LI Hong, YANG Hong-tai, LIN Song-sheng, SHI Qian, WEI Chun-bei, GUO Chao-qian, SU Yi-fan and TANG Peng
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Synthesis and Properties of UV Curable Polyurethane Self-healing Coating
  BA Miao, WANG Xian-wei, FAN Fang-xin, WANG Yu-feng, ZHANG Zhan-ping and GAO Qiang
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Performance of Gradient Cr-DLC Film Prepared by RF Enhanced Magnetron Sputtering
  HUANG Ke, LIU Wen-jun, TAN Ke and LUO Shu-jing
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EQCM of Nickel Cathode Deposition and Anode Dissolution in Industrial Electrolyte
  XU Yang-tao, HUANG Kai and ZHU Zhen-xu
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Precision and Ultra-precision Machining

Wire Cutting Process for Micro-Pyramid Array Die of Copper-Nickel Alloy
  GUAN Lu-wei, YIN Shao-hui, HUANG Shuai, JIA Hong-peng and CHEN Feng-jun
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Material Removal Behavior of Aluminum Alloy Workpiece in Wet Spindle Barrel Finishing Process
  WANG Cheng-wei, LI Xiu-hong, LI Wen-hui, WANG Na and CAO Bo
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Optimal Model of Abrasive Blocks Based on Fuzzy Clustering and Case-based Reasoning
  YANG Yan, GAO Wei, YANG Sheng-qiang, TIAN Jian-yan and GAO Yun-song
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Mechanical Polishing Single Crystal Diamond Reinforced by Metal Powder
  LIU Hao, LI Jia-jun, LI Zhen-rui, XU Kai, CHEN Zheng-jia, SUN Zhan-feng and CHEN Guang-chao
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Adaptive Clustering Method of Image Detection for Work-piece Surface Defect
  ZHOU You-hang, MA Zhu-xi, SHI Xian-wei and LIU Han-jiang
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Surface Integrity and Fatigue Behaviour of Holes Treated by Finishing & Burnishing and Split Sleeve Cold Expansion
  WANG Yan-li, BIAN Xiao-fang, FU Bin and CAO Qiang
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