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Application of Multiphase Flow Internal Corrosion Direct Assessment Methodology for Pipelines in China
  CAO Xue-wen, WANG Kai, YIN Peng-bo, QIN Si-si and LI Yu-hao
  Published December 20, 2018
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Preparation and Properties of Solvent-free Silicone Modified Epoxy Coatings
  ZHENG Ze-yu, WEI Ming, LIU Xiao-fang, LI Yuan, LI Bo, WANG Rui and KE Xu-ren
  Published December 20, 2018
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Corrosion Rules of Commonly Used Oil Well Pipes in Hydrogen Sulfide Environment
  HE Song, XING Xi-jin, LIU Shu-jie, YIN Qi-shuai, GENG Ya-nan, FENG Huan-zhi and ZHAO Qiu-xuan
  Published December 20, 2018
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Corrosion Behavior of T95 Casing in High Temperature, High Pressure and High H2S Condition
  FENG Huan-zhi, XING Xi-jin, GU Lin, HE Song, LIU Shu-jie and WU Xiao-dong
  Published December 20, 2018
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Analysis of Corrosion Mechanism of Surface Casing of A2 Well and Protection Methods
  XING Xi-jin, WU Zhi-qiang, WU Xiao-dong, JIA Xiao-lan and GENG Ya-nan
  Published December 20, 2018
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Corrosion Electrochemical Characteristics of N80 Casing Steel under the Condition of Thermal Recovery
  GENG Ya-nan, WEN Ze-zhou, XING Xi-jin, WANG Zhu, GAO Chun-liang and ZHANG Lei
  Published December 20, 2018
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Pitting Characteristics of 304 Stainless Steel in the Atmospheric Environment of the South China Sea
  ZHANG Yu, LIU Ya-peng, LI Kai-wei, TONG Hong-tao, FENG Chang, ZHANG Hui-xia and WANG Hong-lun
  Published December 20, 2018
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Effect of Corrosive Environment in Gas Well on Cartridge Rubber Material of Packer
  LI Shun-shui, GE Jun-rui, YIN Qi-shuai, SHI Shan-shan, XU Jia-jun and ZHAO Qiu-xuan
  Published December 20, 2018
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Preparation Process of PEG-Cu2O Microcapsule Antifouling Agent by Single Coacervation
  MAO Tian-ye, YU Hong-wei, WANG Yue, LU Gang and XU Zhao-yang
  Published December 20, 2018
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Surface Functionalization

Experimental Study on Aluminizing of Carbon Steel Surface by Pack Cementation
  ZHANG Ji-xiang, XU Xiu-yan, QIAN Cheng and WANG Chang-fa
  Published December 20, 2018
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Effects of Electromagnetic Induction Vacuum Transform-pulse on Carburizing Structure and Performance of 20CrMnTi Steel
  FENG Zhi-guo, ZHAO Xun-feng and LIU Jing
  Published December 20, 2018
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Research Progress for Regulation Mechanism of TiSiO Amorphous Structure Optical Films
  LI Da-yu, DAI Shu-yu, ZHANG Yan-jun, ZHANG Xu and ZHANG Zhang
  Published December 20, 2018
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Influence of Martensite Characteristics on Surface Nanostructure and Mechanical Properties of Dual Phase Steel Processed by SFPB
  XIE Xiao-long, YANG Jun, ZOU De-ning and MA Kuan
  Published December 20, 2018
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Influence of Shot Peening Method on the Distribution Rule of Surface Residual Stress for the Irregular Component
  SHENG Xiang-fei, LI Zhi, ZHAO Ke-yu and CHENG Xiu-quan
  Published December 20, 2018
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Preparation and Electrocatalysis Performance of Composite RuO2-PPy Electrode
  FENG Qi, HE Fang, LIU De-rong, PAN Yue, YUAN Tao, XU Jing and XIONG Wei
  Published December 20, 2018
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Preparation and Photocatalytic Performance of g-C3N4/TiO2 Nanotubes Arrays
  HU Ya-wei, GAO Hui and WANG Xiao-fang
  Published December 20, 2018
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Preparation and Electrochemical Performance of Porous Titanium/TiO2NTs Composite Membrane
  ZHAO Jun, QIAO Zhi-jun, ZHANG Zhi-jia, KANG Jian-li, YU Zhen-yang, LEI Yi-wen and SUN Rong-lu
  Published December 20, 2018
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Friction, Wear and Lubrication

Effect of Microstructure and Properties of Laser Cladding Iron-based Composite Coatings
  ZHANG Hua-jian, SUN Zhong-gang, LI Feng, CHANG Hui and XING Fei
  Published December 20, 2018
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Effect of Scanning Speed on Microstructures and Properties of Ti811 Alloy Laser Cladding Coatings
  LIU Ya-nan, SUN Rong-lu, NIU Wei and ZHANG Tian-gang
  Published December 20, 2018
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TiBCN Coatings Prepared on Ti6Al4V Surface by Laser Cladding
  SU Ke-qiang, LI Yu-xin, ZHANG Peng-fei, WU Li-yun, ZHANG Hong-jian, YU Li-qiang, LI Xin-chen and ZHENG Bo-fang
  Published December 20, 2018
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Experimental Study on the Influence of Surface Microtexture on the Tribological properties of 45# Steel Friction Pairs
  WANG Li-li, GUO Shao-hui, WEI Yu-liang and YUAN Guo-teng
  Published December 20, 2018
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Preparation and Wear Properties of Fe-based Argon Arc Remelting Coating
  DONG Tian-shun, ZHENG Xiao-dong, MENG Hong-jie, FU Bin-guo, LI Guo-lu and LI Ya-long
  Published December 20, 2018
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Effect of Niobium Content on Microstructure and Wear-resistance for Fe-C-Cr-Nb Surface Deposited Materials
  CHEN Cui-xin, ZUO Yu-qiang, LIU Bao-xi and LI Yong-yan
  Published December 20, 2018
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Research on Microstructure and Wear Resistance of Self-lubricating Ceramic Coatings on Titanium Alloy
  ZHANG Nian-long, WANG Bo, ZHANG Hong-xia and DAI Jing-jie
  Published December 20, 2018
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Corrosion and Protection

Influence of pH on the Electrochemical Corrosion Behavior of Q235B Steel in Ship Exhaust Desulfurizing Liquid
  GONG Peng, ZHANG Guang-xu, YANG Chao and CHEN Jian
  Published December 20, 2018
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Corrosion Behavior of Q345qNH Bridge Weathering Steel in Simulating Northwest Atmospheric Environment
  GUO Tie-ming, SONG Zhi-tao, DONG Jian-jun, ZHANG Yan-wen, QIN Jun-shan and YANG Xin-long
  Published December 20, 2018
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Effect of Substrate Material on Tribocorrosion Performance of Cr/CrN Multilayer Coatings in Seawater
  ZHANG Jing, SHAN Lei, SU Xiao-lei, LI Jin-long and DONG Min-peng
  Published December 20, 2018
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Comparative Analysis of Cycling Impact Damage Characteristics of TiN/Ti Coatings with Different Thickness under Constant Kinetic Energy Si3N4 Particles Mode
  LYU Chang-le, HE Wei-feng, XU Wei-sheng, CAI Zhen-bing, LIAO Bin, CAO Xin and TAN Chao
  Published December 20, 2018
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Preparation and Corrosion Resistance of Ionic Reactive Emulsifier and Its Waterborne Epoxy Resin
  WANG Juan, LIU Tong, ZHAO Hai-chao, PU Ji-bin, YU Cheng-bing, DONG Jian-da, ZHOU Kai-he and FANG Yun-hui
  Published December 20, 2018
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Functional Modification of Carbon Nanotubes and Its Influence on Corrosion Resistance of Chemically Bonded Phosphate Ceramics Coating
  XU Xiao-yan, ZHAO Yong-wu and BIAN Da
  Published December 20, 2018
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Effect of Temperature on the Performance of P110 Steel Passivation Film in Cement Extract Solution
  LI Bing, LIN Yuan-hua, LIU Li and PENG Ye
  Published December 20, 2018
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Corrosion Protection of TiO2/PVB-PANI/PVB Hybrid Coating on Stainless Steel
  HAN Xiao-xia, WANG Ying-ying, LIU Xiang-ming, WANG Zhen-yuan,, LI Yi-ran, WANG Hu and TANG Jun-lei
  Published December 20, 2018
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Preparation and Performance Evaluation of Graphene Based Conductive Anti-corrosive Coatings
  CHEN Ke-feng, FANG Yun-hui, ZHOU Kai-he, LI Peng, GUAN Jin-sheng, CAI Hui, TU Qi-yong, ZHANG Zhao-de, PU Ji-bin, LIU Shuan and WANG Li-ping
  Published December 20, 2018
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Effect Mechanism of Material Type on Crystallization Growth of CaCO3-based Scale
  JIANG Hua-yi, ZHANG Ding-zhou, LIANG Ai-guo, CAI Hang-hang, SUN Na-na and CHONG Xin-min
  Published December 20, 2018
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Corrosion Resistance of Modified Waterborne Epoxy Coating by Tryptophan Functionalized Graphene
  GAO Yan, LIU Cheng-bao, REN Si-ming and YE Yu-wei
  Published December 20, 2018
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Coating Material and Technology

Adsorb-Ability Experimental and Simulation Study of PPS, Imidazole and HD on the Sn Surface in Electroless Tin Plating
  XIAO Zhong-liang, ZENG Peng, ZHOU Zhao-hua, XIA Ni, LIU Qing, CHI Zhen-zhen, WU Dao-xin, SONG Liu-bin, CAO Zhong, HUANG Yong and ZHOU Guang-hua
  Published December 20, 2018
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Effect of SnAl and Intermediate-temperature Sintering on Interfacial Bonding Strength of Cr/Zr Film
  YAN Yan-qin, QIU Chang-jun, HU Liang-bin, HUANG He, LIU Yan-hong and LI Huai-lin
  Published December 20, 2018
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Influence of Residual Oxygen on Micro-arc Spark Deposition in Shielding Atmosphere
  WANG Wei-fu, ZHANG Bu-kang and DING Chen
  Published December 20, 2018
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Precision and Ultra-precision Machining

Effect of Steel Bead’s Damage on the Surface Roughness and Hardness of Bearing Rings under Strengthen Grinding Processing
  XIAO Jin-rui, LIU Xiao-chu, LIANG Zhong-wei and XIAO Zhong-min
  Published December 20, 2018
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Physical Simulation of Zinc-slag in Circular Pot Flow Field
  ZHANG Chuang, ZHOU Li, XIE Yi-kui and CHEN Qing
  Published December 20, 2018
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Effect of Process Parameters on Electrochemical Machining Speed and Machining Quality of TC4 Titanium Alloy
  SUN Yu-bo, ZHOU Ke-ren, MA Jin-hui, MA Dong-dong and XIE Yu-quan
  Published December 20, 2018
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Effect of Number of Cutting Edges on Cutting Performance and Surface Morphology in Face Milling of Nodular Cast Iron
  WANG Peng, WANG Xi-bin, YAN Pei, JIAO Li, CHEN Kai-jie and PENG Ze-yu
  Published December 20, 2018
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Surface Temperature Field on Metal Substrate during Laser Derusting Based on Finite Element Simulation
  REN Zhi-guo, CHEN Jing and CHEN Huai-ning
  Published December 20, 2018
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Denoising Method of Engine Surface Defect Image Based on Wavelet Transform
  XIAO Jing and YOU Shi-hui
  Published December 20, 2018
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