Volume 47,Issue 11,2018 Table of Contents

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Surface Functionalization

Plasma Nitriding Treatment of Austenite Stainless Steel by Arc Ion Source Coupled with Axial Magnetic Field
  LIU Xing-long, ZHAO Yan-hui, LIN Zeng, SHI Wen-bo, BA De-chun, YU Bao-hai and V. E. Ovcharenko
  Published November 20, 2018
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Gaseous Nitrocarburizing and Post-quenching of Low Carbon Steel
  LI Nan, HONG Yue, WU Cui-lan and XU Qiang
  Published November 20, 2018
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Effects of Microstructure and Degradation Temperature on Electrochemical Oxidation Degradation of Reactive Orange X-GN Dye Wastewater by Boron Doped Diamond
  HU Jing-yuan, MA Li, ZHU Cheng-wu, MEI Rui-qiong, LI Wei, ZHOU Ke-chao, YU Zhi-ming and WEI Qiu-ping
  Published November 20, 2018
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Carbon Nanotubes and Nickel Co-modified BDD Electrodes and Their Application for Non-enzymatic Glucose Electrochemical Sensor
  ZHAO Ting, ZHENG Kuang-zhi, ZHENG Qi-wen, WEI Qiu-ping, MA Li, YU Zhi-ming and ZHOU Ke-chao
  Published November 20, 2018
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Design and Injection Molding of Superhydrophobic Micro-structured Surface
  LAI Jun, WENG Can, WANG Fei and YANG Dong-jiao
  Published November 20, 2018
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Simulation Analysis and Experiment of Surface Stress-Deformation on Al-based Alloy by Shot Peening
  CHEN Jia-wei, LIAO Kai, CHE Xing-fei, ZHONG Li-ping and GONG Hai
  Published November 20, 2018
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Study and Application of Non-compound Layer Plasma Nitriding with Impact and Thermal Fatigue Resistance for H13 Hot Stamping Die Steel
  TANG Lei, CHEN Yao, PENG Tian-tian, LI Dong, GU Xiao-ming and HU Jing
  Published November 20, 2018
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Surface Hardening and Numerical Simulation on AISI304 Stainless Steel Plates by Explosive Impact Treatment
  WANG Hu-he, SHI Zhi-ming and TONG Zheng
  Published November 20, 2018
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Preparation of TiO2/CNTs Composite Particles and Their Influence on Catalytic Property of Ammonium Perchlorate
  MENG Sheng-hao, DU Shi-guo, LU Yan-ling and WANG Jian-hua
  Published November 20, 2018
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Preparation and Properties of Fluorinated Low Surface Energy Modified Superamphiphobic Coatings
  WANG Jing, KONG Qing-gang, ZHANG Long and QIAN Hai-yan
  Published November 20, 2018
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Preparation and Properties of Hollow Silica Close Pores Antireflection Coatings
  DUAN Ting-ting, NIU Yu-chao, GAO Ying, DU Yong, JIANG Yan-sen and REN Xian-kun
  Published November 20, 2018
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Residual Stresses of Compound Strengthening Case on TC17 Titanium Alloy by Laser Peening and Shot Peening
  CAO Zi-wen, ZHANG Jie, CHE Zhi-gang and ZOU Shi-kun
  Published November 20, 2018
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Friction, Wear and Lubrication

Effect of Laser Dispersed Quenching on Wear and Damage Property of Ductile Iron
  SU Chao-ran, LYU Chang-le, SHI Lu-bing, ZHANG Yong-qiang, WANG Wen-jian and LIU Qi-yue
  Published November 20, 2018
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Effect of Stepped-Groove Texture on the Static Performances of Water-lubricated Thrust Bearings
  FENG Hui-hui, JIANG Shu-yun and JI Cui-cui
  Published November 20, 2018
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Micro-wear Behavior of the Medical NiTi Alloy in Hank’s Simulated Body Fluid
  XUE Yan and WANG Zhen-guo
  Published November 20, 2018
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Effect of Superhydrophobic Structure on Microfriction and Wear Properties of AZ91D Magnesium Alloy
  ZHANG Qian-qian, QI Xue-lian and ZHANG Hui-chen
  Published November 20, 2018
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Tribological Effect of Tool Surface Texturing on Tool-Chip Interface
  PANG Ming-hua, NIE Yong-fang, SHEN Fu-hou and MA Li-jie
  Published November 20, 2018
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Effect of Different Surface Treatment on Tappet Microstructure and Wear Resistance
  CHENG Xiang-jun, HUANG Guo-long, LIU Jun, WEI Tao and ZHANG Ji-xian
  Published November 20, 2018
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Corrosion and Protection

Comparative Study on Stress Corrosion Cracking Behaviors of 304 and 321 Austenitic Stainless Steels by Different Heat Treatment in NH4Cl Solution
  MA Hong-chi, WU Wei, ZHOU Xiao-cheng and WANG Liang
  Published November 20, 2018
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Corrosion Failure Analysis of Conductor in Eastern Oilfield in the South China Sea
  YIN Qi-shuai, YANG Jin, SHI Shan-shan, LU Yan, SUN Ting, LI Zhen-kun, WANG Jun-xiang and YANG Yu-ming
  Published November 20, 2018
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Effect of AC Stray Current on Corrosion and Stripping Behavior of X70 Pipeline Steel under 3PE Coating
  WANG Xin-hua, WANG Zu-quan, CHEN Ying-chun, SONG Xu-ting and XU Cheng
  Published November 20, 2018
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Analysis of Fatigue Micro-crack on Rail Surface under Plasticity
  ZAN Xiao-dong, WANG Qiang-sheng, SHENG Yue and JIANG Xiao-yu
  Published November 20, 2018
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High Temperature Oxidation Behavior of Nickel-based Superalloy GH80A Treated by High-current Pulsed Electron Beam
  LIU Di, GAO Pan, CAI Jie, ZHANG Ling-yan, LYU Peng and GUAN Qing-feng
  Published November 20, 2018
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Effect of Time on the Corrosion of Q345 Steel in Thiosulfate Sodium Aluminate Solution
  FU Hui, CHEN Chao-yi, LI Jun-qi, LAN Yuan-pei, ZHANG Xiang-qian and YUAN Jing-jiu
  Published November 20, 2018
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Prediction of External Corrosion Rate of Buried Pipeline Based on KPCA-BAS-GRNN
  LUO Zheng-shan, YAO Meng-yue, LUO Ji-hao and WANG Xiao-wan
  Published November 20, 2018
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Oxidation Characteristics of SA-210C and 15CrMoG under Oxygenation Treatment Condition
  ZHA Fang-lin, LIU Kai, YANG Man-xi, YUAN Xin-min and WANG ling
  Published November 20, 2018
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Effect of Chitosan on Microstructure and Corrosion Resistance of Ti-Zr-based Conversion Coating
  CHEN Wen, SU Wen-nan, LI Xin-lin, CUI Xiu-fang, XIE En-yu, WANG Yi-dan and JIN Guo
  Published November 20, 2018
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Coating Material and Technology

Growth Technology of Epitaxial Single Crystal Diamond Layer
  AN Kang, LIU Jin-long, LIN Liang-zhen, ZHANG Bo-yi, ZHAO Yun, GUO Yan-zhao, Tomasz Ochalski, CHEN Liang-xian, WEI Jun-jun and LI Cheng-ming
  Published November 20, 2018
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Influence of the Gas Flow Ratio between CH4 and H2 on the Growth of Diamond Films at High Microwave Power
  WENG Jun, ZHOU Cheng, LIU Fan and WANG Jian-hua
  Published November 20, 2018
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Influence of Nitrogen Flow on Structure and Performance of the Zr-B-N Films Prepared by Hybrid Magnetron Sputtering Techniques
  WANG Tie-gang, GUO Yu-yao, TANG Kuan-yu, LIU Yan-mei, LIN Wei and JIANG Su-meng
  Published November 20, 2018
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Structure and Properties of In Situ Synthesized AlN-Fe3Al Reinforced Fe-base Plasma Cladding Coating
  TANG Ming-qi, LI Gang, FENG Zai-qiang, WANG Wen, YAN Zhen-wei, SHANGGUAN Lin-jian and ZHANG Rui-zhu
  Published November 20, 2018
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Surface Facula Area Changing Model and Its Effect on Quality of Laser Cladding
  CUI Quan-wei, SUN Wen-lei and HUANG Yong
  Published November 20, 2018
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Effect of Sulfate on Performance of Tin-plating Solution of Methanesulfonic Acid System
  LI De-yu, LI Yao, SHEN Peng-jie, WANG Zhen-wen, WANG Xi-yu, KONG De-long, LI Ning and WU Gang
  Published November 20, 2018
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Application of Hull Cell for High-speed Tin Plating Solution
  LI De-yu, ZHAO Zi-wei, KONG De-long, LI Ning and WU Gang
  Published November 20, 2018
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Electrochemical Behavior of Nickel Electroplating Process in ChCl-EG Eutectic Solvents
  TAN Yong, ZHANG Jiu-ling and SUN Jie
  Published November 20, 2018
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Precision and Ultra-precision Machining

Analaysis on Numerical Simulation and Mechanism of Medium Flow Field in Spindle Barrel Finishing Process
  WANG Cheng-wei, LI Xiu-hong, LI Wen-hui, WANG Na and YANG Sheng-qiang
  Published November 20, 2018
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Mechanism and Experimental Study of SUS304 Stainless Steel Hole by Magnetic Particle Compound Grinding
  ZHANG Long-long, JIAO An-yuan, CHEN Yan and HAN Bing
  Published November 20, 2018
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Experimental Study of Composite Finishing on the Inner Surface of Quartz Glass Tube
  LIU Shun, HAN Bing, MA Xue-dong, CHEN Yong-jun, XIE Zhi-wen, XU Zhao-kuan and CHEN Yan
  Published November 20, 2018
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Optimization Design and Analysis of Ni Based Alloy by Rotating Ultrasonic Assisted Magnetic Abrasive Finishing
  ZENG Jia-heng, CHEN Yan, ZHANG Ke-bing, LIU Xin-long and CHEN Yu-hui
  Published November 20, 2018
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Ultra-precision Surface Magnetic Grinding by Low Frequency Alternating Magnetic Field
  WU Jin-zhong, XING Bai-jun, ZOU Yan-hua and ZHENG Fei
  Published November 20, 2018
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Research on Rail Surface Defect Detection Method Based on Gray Equalization Model Combined with Gabor Filter
  LIU Qin-qin, ZHOU Hui-yun and WANG Xing-zhou
  Published November 20, 2018
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Theoretical Prediction and Sensitivity Analysis of Surface Roughness of Abrasive Belt Grinding
  GAO Chao, WANG Sheng, WANG Hui, LIU Guang-zhao and WU Guo-rong
  Published November 20, 2018
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