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Stress Corrosion Cracking Behavior and Mechanism of X80 Pipeline Steel in Simulated Trapped Solution of Yingtan-soil under Disbonded Coating
  LI Zong-shu, LIU Zhi-yong, DU Cui-wei and LI Cai-yu
  Published July 20, 2016
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The Effect of Chloride Ion on Corrosion Behavior of Ni-P Alloy Coating Using SECM Experiment and COMSOL Simulation
  ZHOU Ya-ru, ZHU Ze-jie, NIE Lin-lin, ZHANG Jian-qing and CAO Fa-he
  Published July 20, 2016
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Effect of Mid-temperature Aging on the Microstructure and Properties of 17-4PH Stainless Steel after Liquid Nitriding
  WANG Jia-wei, WANG Jun, XIAN Guang, LI Ming-xing and FAN Hong-yuan
  Published July 20, 2016
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Study on Hydrogen Embrittlement for Pre-charged Maraging Steel
  YIN Hang, LI Qian, LI Jin-xu, ZHANG Zhi, YAN Yu and SU Yan-jing
  Published July 20, 2016
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Corrosion Behavior of FV(520)B Stainless Steel in the Co-existence of CO2 and H2S
  LANG Jing-wei, DU Xiao-dong, JIN Shao-tong, WANG Fu-cheng, ZHAN Ma-ji, ZHOU Dan, SHEN Jian and LIU Guang-fu
  Published July 20, 2016
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Effect of Environmental Corrosion on Fatigue Properties of Q345 Equal Angles
  ZHANG Yu and ZHANG Chun-tao
  Published July 20, 2016
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Research on Ultrasonic Electrolytic Zinc Plating Process of [Bmim]OTf-ZnCl2-PC System and Corrosion Resistance Performance of Coating
  ZHANG Yue-hong, LI Bin-chuan and GUO Rui
  Published July 20, 2016
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Amino Acid Corrosion Inhibitor in Hydrochloric Acid
  GUO Qiang-qiang, TIAN Hui-juan and WANG Li-hong
  Published July 20, 2016
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Corrosion Analysis of Water Facilities Pittings in Sahara Desert
  GUO Chao, LI Ming, SHEN Quan-feng, TIAN Biao and GAO Shan
  Published July 20, 2016
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Correlativity on Indoor Accelerated Corrosion and Atmospheric Exposure of 430 Stainless Steel
  DING Dong-dong, FENG Yi, HUANG Xiao-chen, DOU Ya-kun, TANG Hai and QIAN Gang
  Published July 20, 2016
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Inhibition Performances of Compounds of Propargyl Alcohol Inhibitior for Carbon Steel in H2SO4 Solution
  LI Shan, YANG Li and RUI Yu-lan
  Published July 20, 2016
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Inhibition Performance of 4-Phenylthiosemicarbazide for Q235 Steel in HCl Solution
  MENG Yue, NING Wen-bo, XU Bin, YANG Wen-zhong, LIU Xue-zhong and ZHANG Feng-you
  Published July 20, 2016
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Research in the Effect of Trolamine Complexing Agent on Structure and Properties of Electroless Ni-W-P Alloy Coating
  XU De-kui, WANG Zhou, FU Chuan-qi and MA Wen-hai
  Published July 20, 2016
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Nano-CdTe/TiO2 Composite Material for Photogenerated Cathodic Protection of 304 Stainless Steel
  ZHANG Liang, CHEN Sheng-li, WANG Xiu-tong, SONG Ji-wen, WANG Run and WANG Zai-feng
  Published July 20, 2016
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Effectiveness Evaluation Analysis on Cathodic Protection of Crude Oil Long-distance Pipeline
  WANG Run, WENG Ji-jun, CHEN Sheng-li, SONG Ji-wen, ZHANG Liang and WANG Zai-feng
  Published July 20, 2016
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Cracking Sensibility of Super 13Cr Pipeline Steel in Environment with Low H2S and High CO2 Pressure
  TAO Shan, XU Yan-dong and DU Chun-chao
  Published July 20, 2016
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Strain Corrosion Sensibility of Duplex Stainless Steel in Environment with Low H2S and High CO2 Pressure
  ZHANG Jie, LI Lin-tao and HUANG Zhi-juan
  Published July 20, 2016
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Corrosion Behavior of P110SS Anti-sulfer Pipeline Steel in Low H2S and High CO2 Partial Pressure Environment of Ultradeep Well
  LI Dong-mei, LONG Wu and ZOU Ning
  Published July 20, 2016
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Design Problems in Impressed Current Cathodic Protection for Offshore Jackets Based on Numerical Method
  LI Min-qiang, ZHENG Zhen-sheng, DONG Liang, YANG Guang, CAI Feng, YU Jun-feng and WU Guang-chun
  Published July 20, 2016
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Phenomenon and Research Progress of Naphthenic Acid Corrosion in Refinery
  QU Ding-rong
  Published July 20, 2016
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Coating Material and Technology

Microstructure and Thickness Uniformity of Vanadium Films on Concave Object at Different Target-Substrate Distance by HIPIMS
  LI Chun-wei, TIAN Xiu-bo, GONG Chun-zhi and XU Jian-ping
  Published July 20, 2016
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Research Progress in Photovoltaic Effect of Bismuth Ferrite Thin Films
  ZHOU Hao, GAO Rong-li and FU Chun-lin
  Published July 20, 2016
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The Effect of Scanning Speed on Structure and Performance of Al-based Amorphous Composite by Laser Cladding
  ZHU Sheng, ZHANG Yao, WANG Xiao-ming, CHEN Yong-xing and HAN Guo-feng
  Published July 20, 2016
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Influence of Base Pressure on Electrical Resistance of NiCr Films Deposited by Magnetron Sputtering
  HU Dong-ping, WANG Xiao-long and TANG Li
  Published July 20, 2016
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The Influence of Phosphating Temperature and Time on the Structure and Property of Phosphating Film on Magnesium Alloys
  LI Ya-li, LI Jian-san and XIE Wan-chen
  Published July 20, 2016
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Surface Functionalization

Dielectric Properties of Periodic Metal Dipole Array/Plastics Composites in X-band
  SONG Hui-hui, ZHOU Wan-cheng, LUO Fa, QING Yu-chang, LI Zhi-min and ZHOU Liang
  Published July 20, 2016
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Effect of Annealing on the Microstructure and Property of Al3CoCrCu1/2FeMoNiTi High-entropy Alloy Laser Coating
  HUANG Yuan-sheng and WEN Li-zhe
  Published July 20, 2016
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Temperature Distribution of Leading Thermal Control Structure
  WU Hu-lin, ZHU Min, ZENG De-chang and DENG Ai-ming
  Published July 20, 2016
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Study on Preparation of Strontium-90 Radioactive Source
  HU Rui, XIONG Xiao-ling, DENG Jian, DONG Wen-li and PENG Tai-ping
  Published July 20, 2016
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Study on Accurate Thickness Technology for Wave Absorbing Coatings
  WANG Jun-fang, ZHOU Xue-mei and WEI Wen-zheng
  Published July 20, 2016
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