Volume 44,Issue 5,2015 Table of Contents

Other Issues:  

Coating Technology

Droplet Flattening and Whisker Deflection in the Whisker Strengthened Plasma Spraying Coating
  LI Jing, WANG Wei-ze and SHU Jie
  Published 5月 20日, 2015
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Effect of Nanometer Nickel on the Morphology and Texture of High-speed Galvanized Coatings
  GU Xun-lei, ZHANG Yu-quan, YANG Peng and LIU Chang-sheng
  Published 5月 20日, 2015
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Research of Aluminum Silane Treatment Technology with Low Ethanol Content
  ZHANG Lin-lin, WANG Xiu-chun, NIU Yu-chao, YI Xi-bin, PAN Xi-qing and WANG Jin-wei
  Published 5月 20日, 2015
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Formula Design and Application of Low-loss Coatings for Large Core Energy Fiber
  SONG Tao, LU Gang, LU Yu, FENG Shu-juan, SU Wu, ZHAO Xia, XU Hong and LIU Li-hua
  Published 5月 20日, 2015
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Research Progress of Mo and Mo-based Coating Prepared by Thermal Spraying
  YANG Zhong-xu, LIU Gui-min, YAN Tao and ZHU Xiao-ying
  Published 5月 20日, 2015
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Influence of CPSP on Microstructure and Wear Property of Nanostructured Al2O3-13%TiO2 Coating Deposited by Plasma Spraying
  HE Yi, MA Dong-lin, JIN Yu-shan and ZHONG Biao-zhao
  Published 5月 20日, 2015
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Preparation and Corrosion Resistance of Ti-Zr-based Conversion Coating on 5052 Aluminum Alloy
  ZHANG He-hong, ZHANG Xiao-feng, ZHAO Xu-hui, TANG Yu-ming and ZUO Yu
  Published 5月 20日, 2015
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Process Preparation and Properties of Cu/ W Composite Coatings on the Surface of Mg Alloy
  JIA Ping-ping, MA Jie, WANG Xiao-guang, WEI Jian-zhong and FAN Ai-ling
  Published 5月 20日, 2015
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Effects of Process Parameters on Crystalline TiO2 Thin Films Prepared by Magnetron Sputtering
  ZHANG Pan-pan, DING Long-xian and ZHANG Shuai-tuo
  Published 5月 20日, 2015
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Research on Microhardness of Ni-Nano Al2O3 Composite Coatings Prepared by Pulse Electroplating under Ultrasound Condition
  ZHOU Yan-min and LI Jian-fang
  Published 5月 20日, 2015
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Study on Friction and Wear Property of Plasma Nitride Layer on Ti13Nb13Zr Alloy
  TIAN Wei-hong, GUO Yang-yang, LI Xuan-peng, GUO Ya-xin, FAN Ai-lan, LIU Xiao-ping and TANG Bin
  Published 5月 20日, 2015
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Study on Preparation and Tribological Properties of Atmospheric Plasma-sprayed NiCoCrAlY/ Al2O3 Wear-resistant Coatings
  CAO Yu-xia, DU Ling-zhong, ZHANG Wei-gang, LAN Ye and HUANG Chuan-bing
  Published 5月 20日, 2015
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Research on the Ni-PTFE Composite Coating Prepared by Electrophoretic-Electrochemical Deposition and Its Tribological Behavior
  TANG Ai-gui and WANG Xiao-lei
  Published 5月 20日, 2015
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Study of Preparation and Tribological Behaviors of Muscovite / CeO2 Compound Particles
  WANG Li, ZHU Da-chuan and CHEN Guo-xu
  Published 5月 20日, 2015
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Surface Functionalization

Theoretic Study of the Anti-freezing Adhesive Coating of Roller
  WANG Chun-hua, XU Han-wen and WANG Zhong-xian
  Published 5月 20日, 2015
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Research Progress in Doping Modification of the Bismuth Ferrite Thin Film
  ZHANG Yu, LEI Tian-yu, REN Hong, SUN Yuan-yang, CAI Wei and FU Chun-lin
  Published 5月 20日, 2015
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Preparation and Properties of Conductive,Superhydrophobic and Oleophobic Polyester Fabrics
  FENG Lei, XU Bi and CAI Zai-sheng
  Published 5月 20日, 2015
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Preparation of BDD/ Ti Electrode by HFCVD Method and Its Performance in Phenol Degradation
  YUAN Kui, WANG Ting, CUI Feng and NI Jin-ren
  Published 5月 20日, 2015
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Research on Effects of Background Pressure and Residual Gas on Optical Property of Laser Film
  LIU Yang, ZHANG Guo-tong and CUI Xin-jun
  Published 5月 20日, 2015
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Research on Surface Strengthening by Ultrasonic Deep Rolling with Longitudinal-Torsional Vibration
  LUO Ao-mei and GUO Wei
  Published 5月 20日, 2015
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Corrosion and Protection

Investigation of RCF Properties and Failure Mechanism of Heterogeneous Materials Covered on the Substrate: A Review
  LIN Li, LI Guo-lu, WANG Hai-dou and KANG Jia-jie
  Published 5月 20日, 2015
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Corrosion Products of Magnesium Alloys in NaCl Solution and Application Analysis
  LIU Chen-xu, ZHANG Jin, ZHU Ruan-li, GAO Wen and ZHU Xiao-hui
  Published 5月 20日, 2015
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Effect of Wheel Material Properties on Wheel-Rail Contact Stress Based on ANASYS
  WEI Kang, HE Bo-lin and YANG Yi-jing
  Published 5月 20日, 2015
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Precision and Ultra-precision Machining

Chemical Corrosion Morphology Analysis of Dislocations of Silicon Wafer Polished by Ultrasonic Atomization CMP
  ZHUANG Xiao-kai and LI Qing-zhong
  Published 5月 20日, 2015
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Research on the Evaluating Criterion of the Surface Roughness Contrast Test for the Auto Sheet
  LUO Wu-si
  Published 5月 20日, 2015
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