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Effect of Rolling Deformation on the Electrochemical Behavior of 690 Alloy in Primary Water of Nuclear Power Plant Environments
  ZHAO Rui-tao, LI Xiao-gang, CHENG Xue-qun, LI Cheng-tao, MA Ming-juan and YUAN Jia-mei
  Published 3月 20日, 2015
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Stress Corrosion Behavior of 304 Stainless Steel in Simulated Deep and Shallow Seawater Environments
  HU Jian-peng, LIU Zhi-yong, HU Shan-shan, LI Xiao-gang and DU Cui-wei
  Published 3月 20日, 2015
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Research Progress of Superhydrophobic Surface Technologies in the Field of Corrosion Protection
  QIAN Hong-chang, LI Hai-yang and ZHANG Da-wei
  Published 3月 20日, 2015
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Effect of Imidazoline Corrosion Inhibitor on Stress Corrosion Cracking Behavior of P110 Steel in Simulated Annulus Environment in CO2 Injection Wells
  LIU Ran-ke, WANG Li-xian, LIU Zhi-yong, DU Cui-wei and LI Xiao-gang
  Published 3月 20日, 2015
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Crack Propagation Behaviour of X80 Pipeline Steel in Near-neutral pH Solution under Different Applied Potential
  LI Qiong, LIU Zhi-yong, DU Cui-wei, LI Xiao-gang and LIU Ran-ke
  Published 3月 20日, 2015
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Stress Corrosion Behavior of 316L Stainless Steel in High-pH Alkaline Sulphide Solution
  JIA Jing-huan, LIU Zhi-yong, DU Cui-wei and LI Xiao-gang
  Published 3月 20日, 2015
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Effects of Drinking Water Hardness on Corrosion Mechanism of Defected Coating
  YANG Min-na, LU Lin, GAO Jin and LI Xiao-gang
  Published 3月 20日, 2015
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Study on Corrosion Performance of Acrylic-based Waterborne Coating Containing Carbon Nanotubes
  SONG Dong-dong, GAO Jin, LI Rui-feng and LI Xiao-gang
  Published 3月 20日, 2015
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Stress Corrosion Cracking Failure of Q235B Steel Used for Sulfur-containing Waste Water Tank
  HUANG Liang, LIU Zhi-yong, DU Cui-wei, LIU Ran-ke, WANG Bo, LI Yue-qiang and LI Xiao-gang
  Published 3月 20日, 2015
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Study on Stress Corrosion Behavior of TP110TS Oil Pipeline Steel in the Sour Gas Field Environment
  WANG Feng, WANG Li-xian, LIU Zhi-yong and AI Chi
  Published 3月 20日, 2015
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Research Status and Progress on Corrosion of the Low-nickel Stainless Steel Rebar in the Concrete Environment
  LUO Hong, DONG Chao-fang, XIAO Kui and LI Xiao-gang
  Published 3月 20日, 2015
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Setup of CO2 Corrosion Simulation Unit and Test Study under Field Site Conditions in Jilin Oilfield
  HUANG Tian-jie, YIN An-hui, LIU Zhi-yong, ZHAO Bo and XU Tong
  Published 3月 20日, 2015
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Research Progress of Micro-arc Oxidation Technology on Magnesium Alloys
  DONG Kai-hui, SONG Ying-wei, SHAN Da-yong, SUN Shuo and HAN En-hou
  Published 3月 20日, 2015
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Research Progress in Corrosion Performance of Bulk Nanocrystalline Metal Materials Prepared by Severe Rolling Technique
  WANG Sheng-gang, SUN Miao, LONG Kang and ZHANG Zhi-dong
  Published 3月 20日, 2015
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Effect of Deep Sea Alternating Hydrostatic Pressure on Diffusion Behavior of Water through Epoxy Coating
  TIAN Wen-liang, MENG Fan-di, LIU Li, LI Ying and WANG Fu-hui
  Published 3月 20日, 2015
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Electrochemical Behavior of Solvent-free Coal Tar Epoxy Coating in Soil
  SUN Zhen-ye, LIANG Cheng-hao and HUANG Nai-bao
  Published 3月 20日, 2015
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Research on the Preparation of Ag-loaded Self-polishing / Low Surface Energy Coating and Its Antifouling Ability
  DONG Yao-hua, GUO Na, LIU Tao, DONG Li-hua and YIN Yan-sheng
  Published 3月 20日, 2015
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Effects of Pyrimidine Derivative Corrosion Inhibitors on the Anti-corrosion Quantitative Structure-activity Relationship of Austenitic Stainless Steel in Acidic Media
  JU Hong, LI Yan and CUI Hai-jie
  Published 3月 20日, 2015
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Preparation and Corrosion Performance of Polypyrrole Film
  WANG Hua
  Published 3月 20日, 2015
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Effect of Chloride Ion Concentration on Corrosion Behavior of 3003 Aluminum Alloy in Simulated Marine Atmospheric Environment
  CHEN Chao-yi, YANG Jing, LI Jun-qi and ZHANG Xiang-qian
  Published 3月 20日, 2015
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Effect of Na2S2O3 on the Corrosion Behavior of 16Mn Steel in Alkaline Solution
  ZHANG Xiang-qian, CHEN Chao-yi and LI Jun-qi
  Published 3月 20日, 2015
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Research on Bactericidal Properties of Carbon Fiber Composite Coatings in High-voltage Pulse Electric Field
  YANG Peng-peng, WU Jin-yi, CHAI Ke, LIN Hai-qiang and SONG Chun-lei
  Published 3月 20日, 2015
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Design of Pulse Current Cathodic Protection Monitoring System for Oil Well Casing
  YUAN Sen, ZHOU Hao-bin and XU Xing-long
  Published 3月 20日, 2015
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Study on Anti-corrosion Property of Nickel-based Alloy Coatings on Copper Surface Formed by Supersonic Particle Deposition
  ZHU Sheng, ZHOU Chao-ji, WANG Xiao-ming, HAN Guo-feng and LIU Yu-xiang
  Published 3月 20日, 2015
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