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Special Topic—Laser Cladding Technology and Application

Research Progress in Carbon Coating on Li4Ti5O12 Anode Materials
  ZHANG Ning, LIU Yong-chang, TAO Zhan-liang and CHEN Jun
  Published 1月 20日, 2015
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Synthesis and Electrochemical Li-storage Performance of SnS2-SnO2 / Graphene Composites
  MA Lin, YE Jian-bo, HUANG Guo-chuang, WANG Zhen, ZHOU Xin-fa, WU Min and CHEN Wei-xiang
  Published 1月 20日, 2015
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Effects of Lithium Content on the Structure and Electrochemical Performance of Spherical Lithium-rich Cathode Materials
  LIU Jin-long, YANG Jun, GUO Shao-shuai, WANG Yong-gang, WANG Cong-xiao, LIU Hai-mei, XU Qun-jie and XIA Yong-yao
  Published 1月 20日, 2015
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Investigations on the Electrodepositing Behaviors of the n-type Bi-Te-Se Thermoelectric Material Solution System
  YANG Meng-qian, SHEN Zheng-wu, LIU Xiao-qing and WANG Wei
  Published 1月 20日, 2015
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Improved Stability of PtCo Alloy Catalysts for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells by Gold Decoration
  CHEN Lei, QI Yi and MU Shi-chun
  Published 1月 20日, 2015
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Research Progresses on the Doping Modification of Carbon Materials and Their Application as Catalysts in Fuel Cell
  ZHENG Rui-ping and LIAO Shi-jun
  Published 1月 20日, 2015
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Carbon-modified TiNb2O7 and Its Effect on Lithiation and Delithiation Performance
  LOU Shuai-feng, YIN Ge-ping, CHENG Xin-qun, GAO Jin-long, MA Yu-lin, ZUO Peng-jian, GAO Yun-zhi and DU Chun-yu
  Published 1月 20日, 2015
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In-situ Fabrication of Self-collected Ni(OH) 2 Supercapacitor Electrode Materials by Hydrothermal Treatment of Ni Foam in H2O2 Solution
  GE Meng-qi, ZHANG Jie, XU Jing, LEI Jing-lei and LI Ling-jie
  Published 1月 20日, 2015
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Preparation and Supercapacitor Performance of a Flexible Nitrogen-doped Graphene Film
  ZHONG Qi-neng, SU Ze-long and LI Xin-lu
  Published 1月 20日, 2015
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Enhancement of Durability and Activity of Pt/ C Catalyst by Polyaniline
  CHEN Si-guo, XUE Yun, ZHANG Wen-gui, LI Li, DING Wei, QI Xue-qiang and WEI Zi-dong
  Published 1月 20日, 2015
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Coating Technology

Effect of Ultrasonic Power in Mechanical Galvanizing on the Corrosion Resistance of the Coating
  NIU Zong-wei, XU Ming-yu and LI Ming-zhe
  Published 1月 20日, 2015
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Preparation of MoSi2 Coating on Nb-Ti-Si Alloy by Glow Plasma Deposition of Mo / Pack Cementation of Si
  CAO Zheng, TIAN Xiao-dong, LI Ning, WANG Li-jie and LYU Na
  Published 1月 20日, 2015
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Effects of Different Electrodeposition Methods on Corrosion Resistance of Ni-ZrO2 Nanocomposite Coatings
  AO Zheng-hong, XUE Yu-jun, JIANG Shao-feng, ZHANG De-ying and LI Xian-hui
  Published 1月 20日, 2015
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Influence of Processing Parameters on Geometrical Features of CBN Coatings by Laser Cladding on Titanium Alloy Surface
  GAO Ji, SONG De-yang and FENG Jun-wen
  Published 1月 20日, 2015
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Effect of Spray Process on the Microstructure and Corrosion-resistance of Fe-based Amorphous Coatings Obtained by Plasma Spray on the Boiler Tubes
  GAO Zhen, HAO Jian-min, HAN Jian-jun, LU Yuan, CHEN Yong-nan and LI Shi-bo
  Published 1月 20日, 2015
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Effect of Change of Bias Voltage on the Quality of Ti / TiN Film on Magnesium Alloy
  LI Zhong-hou, GONG Xue-bo, GUO Teng-teng, MA Qin-qin and YANG Di
  Published 1月 20日, 2015
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Study on Friction and Wear of Plasma Ni Modified Layer on Surface of TC4
  WANG Zhen-xia, CHEN Li-hong, SHAN Xiao-lin, HE Zhi-yong and LIU Xiao-ping
  Published 1月 20日, 2015
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Experiment Research on Fiber Laser Texturing of Stainless Steel and Its Friction Properties
  FU Yong-hong, WANG Hao, YANG Ye-gang, FU Hao and HUA Xi-jun
  Published 1月 20日, 2015
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Process Optimization of Electroless Ni-P-PTFE Composite Plating and Research on the Coating Performance
  ZHANG Cui-jie, LIU Guan-jun and ZHANG Pei-yan
  Published 1月 20日, 2015
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Surface Functionalization

Preparation of Super-hydrophobic Surface with Cylindrical Microstructure and the Research of the Surface Frost Characteristics
  DING Yun-fei, WU Bin and WU Hui-jun
  Published 1月 20日, 2015
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Influence of Dispersant Coating Treatment on the Properties of Carbon Fiber Dispersion in Oily Substrate
  CUI Ying, SUN Yu, WU Bo, WU Bing-yang and ZHENG Guo
  Published 1月 20日, 2015
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Preparation and Performance of Insulating Coating on Non-oriented Silicon Steel
  WANG Shuang-hong and ZHAO Shi-lu
  Published 1月 20日, 2015
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Surface Structure Studies on 304 Stainless Steel after Chemical Etching
  ZHANG Yong-cheng and LU Jian-shu
  Published 1月 20日, 2015
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Corrosion and Protection

Corrosion Inhibition of Carbon Steel in HCl Solution by Melamine
  ZENG Xian-guang, ZHENG Xing-wen, GONG Min and DUAN Hai-bing
  Published 1月 20日, 2015
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Comparative Study on the Cathodic Protection Effect of Pulse Current and Direct Current
  XU Xing-long, ZHOU Hao-bin and YUAN Sen
  Published 1月 20日, 2015
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Effect of Oil Temperature on the Cathodic Protection of Submarine Oil Pipeline
  PENG Ze-xuan and REN Hou-min
  Published 1月 20日, 2015
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Precision and Ultra-precision Machining

Study on Blackening Defect on Surface of Cold-rolled Steel Sheet for Phophating
  SHEN Long
  Published 1月 20日, 2015
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