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Special Topic—HydrogenPermeation and Hydrogen Detection

Investigation on the Protective Mechanism of Ni-Fe-P Electroless Plating Against CO2 Corrosion
  SUN Yan-an, LI Chun-fu, ZHANG Jia-lin, ZHANG Lei, ZHANG Feng-chun and XU Ping
  Published 12月 10日, 2014
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Effect of Ni-W Alloy Coating on the Corrosion Resistance of QT-900 Coiled Tubing
  SUN Fu-yang, ZHAO Guo-xian, GUO Qing-chao and LI Dan-ping
  Published 12月 10日, 2014
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Research on the Properties of Acetylene Black/ Ge Prepared by Electrochemical Deposition
  ZHANG Yi-wen, LI Yao, QIANG Liang-sheng, HAO Jian, LIU Xu-song, AN Xiao-kun and ZHAO Jiu-peng
  Published 12月 10日, 2014
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Study on Sulfidation Mechanism at Primary Stage of FV(520)B Stainless Steel at High Temperature and High Pressure
  WANG Feng, DU Xiao-dong, WU Chen and JIANG Yan-tao
  Published 12月 10日, 2014
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Effect of Additives Used in a Pack Cementation Technique on the Structure and Properties of SiC-ZrC Coated Carbon/ Carbon Composites
  DONG Zhi-jun, HUANG Rui, LUO An-an, LIU Shu-xian, YUAN Guan-ming, CONG Ye and LI Xuan-ke
  Published 12月 10日, 2014
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Research of Resistance to Plastic Deformation of Iron-Nickel Gradient Materials under the Low and Repeated Impact Stress
  ZHANG Qian-ru and FU Ge-yan
  Published 12月 10日, 2014
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Effect of Magnetron Sputtering Power on the Structure and Properties of Deposition W on the Surface of Lead Frames
  ZHANG Guang-yao, GAO Yuan, ZHANG Yan, WANG Cheng-lei, WEI Wen-zhu and LU Xiao-hui
  Published 12月 10日, 2014
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Analysis of Interfacial Adhesive Strength of Pyrolytic Carbon-Graphite for Artificial Mechanical Heart Valves
  WEI Jing and ZHANG Jian-hui
  Published 12月 10日, 2014
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Study on Corrosion Failure Mechanism of Au/ Ni / Cu Multilayer Film in the Tropical Marine Climate
  LI Yun-shuang, CAO Jiang-li, YAO Wen-qing, YAN Kai and CHEN Yong-jun
  Published 12月 10日, 2014
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Hydrogen Induced Cracking Behavior of X80 Pipeline Steel in Acidic Environment in China
  ZHANG Tao, WANG Chang-peng and LIU Jing
  Published 12月 10日, 2014
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Study on Corrosion Resistance and Composition of Silane Chromium-free Passivation Film
  FENG Rui-qin, YI Shou-zhi, DONG Shi-wen, YAN Ting-ting and JIAO Bin
  Published 12月 10日, 2014
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Finite Element Analysis of the Contact Stress of TiN Coating / Ti Alloy Substrate
  CHEN Dong, ZENG Zhi-hui and DING Peng
  Published 12月 10日, 2014
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Dynamic Characteristics of Electroless Tin Plating Reaction
  YANG Yu-fang, ZHONG Ming-hua and HUANG Jun-sheng
  Published 12月 10日, 2014
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Special Topic—Space Functional Coatings Technology

Synergistic Inhibition Effect of Hydroxypropyl Chitosan and Surfactant for Carbon Steel
  LU Hao and GUO Ying
  Published 12月 10日, 2014
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Microstructure and Properties of 1. 2344 Steel Modified by High-current Pulsed Electron Beam
  SONG Xiao-fang, ZHOU Zhi-ming, WANG Xiang, FAN Hong-shan and ZHANG Bao-liang
  Published 12月 10日, 2014
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Study on Preparation and Properties of Ce-Mn/ Mo Composite Conversion Coating on 6063 Aluminum Alloy
  GUAN Yu-qin, WU Wei-she, DU Jun, FAN Ting, MU Song-lin and LI Wen-fang
  Published 12月 10日, 2014
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Simulation and Experimental Verification of Laser Cladding Temperature Field for Al-Cu Alloy on AZ91D Magnesium Alloy Surface
  ZHU Run-dong, LI Zhi-yong, LI Xiao-xi and SUN Qi
  Published 12月 10日, 2014
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Study on the Properties and Preparation of SnS/ ZnO Tandem Solar Cell
  FAN Wen-juan, ZOU Min, CHANG Hui, HUO Hong-ying and XIA Dong
  Published 12月 10日, 2014
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Study on Impact of Rare Earth Salts on the Properties of Aluminum Alloy Anodic Oxidation Film Prepared in Boron Sulfuric Acid Solution
  LI Feng, ZHANG Jian-zhou, MA Hui-yuan, LIU Hui-cong and ZHU Li-qun
  Published 12月 10日, 2014
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Study of Corrosion Inhibition on C38 by Hydroquinone in HCl Solution
  ZHANG Shi-hong, HU Yu-long, SHI Dai-yan, ZHANG Jin-zhong and CUI Lei
  Published 12月 10日, 2014
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A Modified Total Variation Regularization Shearlet Adaptive Algorithm for Steel Strip Image Denoising
  HAN Ying-li
  Published 12月 10日, 2014
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Effect of Substrate Material on Tribological Behavior of Sodium Silicate Bonded MoS2 Solid Lubricating Coatings
  HUO Li-xia, ZHOU Hui, SANG Rui-peng, ZHANG Kai-feng and JIANG Zhao
  Published 12月 10日, 2014
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Research of Composite Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor for Oilfield Produced Water Treatment
  YAN Xu-tao and LIU Zhi-gang
  Published 12月 10日, 2014
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Research on Improving the Corrosion Resistance and Wear Resistance of Magnesium Alloy by Magnetron Sputtering Ti
  LI Zhong-hou, GUO Teng-teng, GONG Xue-bo, MA Qin-qin and YANG Di
  Published 12月 10日, 2014
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Special Topic—Application of Graphene in Friction, Wear and Lubrication

Research Process in Mechanism and Solution of Liquid Lubrication Migration in Space
  DAI Qing-wen, HUANG Wei and WANG Xiao-lei
  Published 12月 10日, 2014
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Research Status and Prospects of Low-temperature Ion Sulfurizing Technology
  CUI Na, HAN Bin and WANG Yong
  Published 12月 10日, 2014
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Special Topic—Application of Micro-arc Oxidation in Corrosion Field

Study on Failure Behavior of Fluorinated Polyurethane-acrylic Coatings
  LI Sai, YANG Fei, LI Wei-ping, LIU Hui-cong, ZHU Li-qun, WANG Xian-ming and NING Liang
  Published 12月 10日, 2014
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Research on the Behavior of Dicyandiamide Modified by Bisphenol-A Type Phenolic Aldehyde Curing Epoxy Resin
  TANG Nan, YANG You-hua, DENG Jing-wei, ZHOU Jian-ping, LIU Zhi-lei and LIU Guang-ming
  Published 12月 10日, 2014
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