Volume 43,Issue 5,2014 Table of Contents

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Special Topic—HydrogenPermeation and Hydrogen Detection

Preparation and Mechanical Properties of Magnetron Sputtering ZrAlN Films with High Hardness and Good Toughness
  DU Jun,MENG Fan-jun,ZANG Yan and GUO Lei
  Published 10月 10日, 2014
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Influence of Placement Orientation and Deposition Time on the Morphology and Distribution of Ti Macroparticles
  WEI Yong-qiang,WEI Yong-hui,JIANG Zhi-qiang and TIAN Xiu-bo
  Published 10月 10日, 2014
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Numerical Simulation Analysis of the Centrifugal Roll Finishing of Titanium Alloy
  ZHANG Xiao-dong,LI Xiu-hong,LI Wen-hui and YANG Sheng-qiang
  Published 10月 10日, 2014
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Study on Electroless Nickel Plating for Surface Modification of Carbon Fiber
  YAO Huai,GUO Jun-hua,CUI Wen-cong,DONG Wei-xue and ZHAN Hai-jiao
  Published 10月 10日, 2014
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  QIU Kun,YUAN Jun-jing,WANG Hai-ning and FU Hong-sheng
  Published 10月 10日, 2014
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Simulation Analysis of Copper Electroplating of Inductor Coils Based on Finite Element
  FAN Ai-zhen
  Published 10月 10日, 2014
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Microstructure and Cutting Performance of Ti( C, N) /Al2O3 Composite Coating on High-speed Steel Drill Produced by Electro-spark Deposition
  GAO Yu-xin,YI Jian and FANG Chun
  Published 10月 10日, 2014
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Effect of Lignocellulose Surface Characteristics on the Mechanical Properties of Wood-plastic Composites
  LI Ya-li,FU Xin,GAO Jin-hong and LIU Juan
  Published 10月 10日, 2014
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Preparation and Properties of Hard Anodic Oxide Coating on 2A12 Aluminium Alloy
  QIAN Jian-cai,XU Bin,ZOU Hong-qing,WU Hou-chang,LYU Ji-cheng and FANG Min
  Published 10月 10日, 2014
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Study on Wear Resistance of Fe-based Clad Coating Prepared by Plasma Cladding-B4C Injection
  WANG Xin-shuai,JING Feng-yu,ZHANG Xi-dong,ZHAO Jing-yu and SUN Yu-fu
  Published 10月 10日, 2014
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Optimizing Analysis of Interface State of the Ni /Ti Multilayer Films
  YAN Biao-jie,ZHANG Xiang-dong,BAI Bin and YANG Fei-long
  Published 10月 10日, 2014
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Study on Microstructure and Properties of TiC-Fe45-based Composite Coating by Argon Tungsten-arc Cladding
  WANG Ze-wang,ZHANG Huan and ZHAO Cheng
  Published 10月 10日, 2014
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Special Topic—Space Functional Coatings Technology

Effect of Combined Electro-deposition Parameters on Surface Performances of Nickel Micro Electroforming Parts
  JIA Wei-ping,WU Meng-hua and YANG Fan
  Published 10月 10日, 2014
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Regulation of the Surface Defects of Copper Films by Abrasive-free Composite Cleaning Agent
  LI Yan,LIU Yu-ling,BU Xiao-feng,SUN Ming-bin,YANG Zhi-xin,ZHANG Nan-nan,ZHANG Yu-feng and CHENG Chuan
  Published 10月 10日, 2014
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Study on Ternary Complexing Agent for Medium-temperature Electroless Nickel Plating on Zirconia Ceramics
  LIU Peng and YANG Fu-liang
  Published 10月 10日, 2014
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Study on the Structure and Corrosion-resistant Performance of Phosphate/Silicon Nitride Double Composite Coating on Magnesium Alloy
  SONG Hui,ZHAO Ming,HE Guang-ping and FENG Wei
  Published 10月 10日, 2014
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Surface Fluorination Treatment of AB3-type Mm0.78Mg0.22Ni2.48Mn0.09Al0.23Co0.47 Hydrogen Storage Alloys
  LI Guo-hui,HUANG Hong-xia,WANG Xin-ying and LI Yin
  Published 10月 10日, 2014
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Study on Corrosion Inhibition Process of Electroless Nickel Coating
  ZHOU Hui-yun,LI Ji-hong,LIU Bin,CAO Zu-jun and LIU Guang-ming
  Published 10月 10日, 2014
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Parameter Optimization of Texture of Crystalline Silicon Wafers
  CHONG Fa-li
  Published 10月 10日, 2014
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Effect of pH on Co Plating on TiCN Surface
  FU Qing-shan,JIN Yong-zhong,YU Zu-xiao and LI Ming-tian
  Published 10月 10日, 2014
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Microstructure and Wear Resistance of TiC Composite Coating in situ Synthesized on 35CrMnSi Steel by Argon Arc Cladding
  DING Tian,MENG Jun-shenh,QIAO Sheng-nan,LYU Dong-liang,SONG Yong-ping and LI Yang
  Published 10月 10日, 2014
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Study on Microstructure and Wear Resistance of Mo Surface Alloying Layer on 304 Stainless Steel
  LIU Cheng-song,QIN Lin,LI Cui-ling,YIN Yan,JIA Ya-bin and GUO Li-li
  Published 10月 10日, 2014
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Monte-Carlo Simulation of Quartz Glass Metallization
  CUI Xin-qiang,CHEN Jia and LI Hai-bing
  Published 10月 10日, 2014
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Special Topic—Application of Graphene in Friction, Wear and Lubrication

Research Progress of Gear Laser Quenching
  WANG Yu-ling,HUI Ying-long and YAO Cui-cui
  Published 10月 10日, 2014
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Development of Superhard Nano Micron PVD Coating Technology in the Field of Mold
  ZHANG Er-geng,ZHU Zhou and ZHANG Ti-bo
  Published 10月 10日, 2014
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