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Special Topic—HydrogenPermeation and Hydrogen Detection

Effects of Different Pulsed Bias Duty Cycle on the Microstructure and Hardness of TiN / TiAlN Multilayer Coatings
  WEI Yong-qiang,ZHANG Yan-xia,WEN Zhen-hua,JING Zhi-qiang and FEN Xian-zhang
  Published 2月 10日, 2014
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Analysis of Residual Stress of Silicon-alloyed Pyrocarbon Coatings for Artificial Heart Valves
  YANG Huan and ZHANG Jian-hui
  Published 2月 10日, 2014
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Abrasion Resistance Analysis of Spray Polyurethane Elastic Coating on Turbine Blades
  ZHANG Rui-zhu,LU Wei,YAN Da-kao,HUANG Rong-hao and LIU Xiao-dong
  Published 2月 10日, 2014
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Comparative Study of Electroless Ni-P and Ni-P-SiC on AZ91 D Magnesium Alloy
  GOU Yin-ning,HUANG Wei-jiu and ZHU Yi
  Published 2月 10日, 2014
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Impact of Film Thickness on Photoelectric Properties of Transparent Conductive Silicon Doped ZnO Thin Films
  WANG Hong-sen and ZHAO Yu-hui
  Published 2月 10日, 2014
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Corrosion Inhibition Performances of Sodium Tungstate and Its Composite for Carbon Steel in Simulated Seawater
  HUANG Lin,XU Xiang-e and WANG Wan-qiang
  Published 2月 10日, 2014
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Reinforced Microstructure and High Temperature Oxidation Resistance of Ni-based Alloy Coating by Laser Cladding of SiC Nanometer Powder
  WANG Xin-heng,JIANG Dong-qing,ZHANG Rong,LIU An-min and ZHU Hang-sheng
  Published 2月 10日, 2014
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Corrosion Resistance Properties of Arc Sprayed Zn-Al Pseudo-alloy Coating
  HUANG Yu,CHENG Xi-yun,PENG Mei-hua and ZHOU Biao
  Published 2月 10日, 2014
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Topology Acquisition and Contact Analysis of Image Threshold of Cu-based Sintered Material
  WANG Yan-zhong,WEI Bin,NING Ke-yan,HAN Ming and SHEN Rong
  Published 2月 10日, 2014
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Color Characteristic and Formation Mechanism of Black Ceramic Coating by Micro Arc Oxidation on 1060 Aluminum Alloy
  HAO Jian-min,WEI Xiao-yi,CHEN Yong-nan and CHEN Hong
  Published 2月 10日, 2014
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Corrosion Inhibition of C38 by Pomelo Peel Extract
  ZHANG Shi-hong,QI Zhen-wei,WANG Meng-di and CHEN Yan-fen
  Published 2月 10日, 2014
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Effects of Hole-expansion on Fatigue Property of AM50 Magnesium Alloy
  TIAN Feng and YANG Hui
  Published 2月 10日, 2014
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Surface Modification of Iron Oxide Red Powder Using Coupling Agent
  SHEN Yuan,LIU Jing-lei,HOU Feng,XU Hong and REN Yan-lun
  Published 2月 10日, 2014
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Special Topic—Space Functional Coatings Technology

Research of Ultrasonic-based Wet Mechanical Plating
  LI Guang-min,NIU Zong-wei and DONG Hai-qing
  Published 2月 10日, 2014
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Influence of Magnetron Sputtering Parameters on Surface Properties of TiN-coated Bearing Steel
  XIONG Xiao-chen,YAN Nu and HAN Xiao-qi
  Published 2月 10日, 2014
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Performance and Characterization of Silane-Zirconium Nitrate Composite Conversion Coating on the Galvanized Sheet
  TIAN Piao-piao,XU Li-ping,ZHANG Zhen-hai,YANG Xing-liang and ZHANG Qian-feng
  Published 2月 10日, 2014
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Corrosion Resistance of Aluminum Film on NdFeB Permanent Magnets by Magnetron Sputtering
  XU Wei,DAI Ming-jiang and HU Fang
  Published 2月 10日, 2014
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Influences of the Supersonic Plasma Spraying Process on the Hardness Properties of Cr2O3 Coating
  OU Xian,DENG Chang-guang,WANG Ri-chu and MAO Jie
  Published 2月 10日, 2014
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Effect of the Surfactant and PTFE Content in Plating Solution on the Antifouling Properties of Ni-P-PTFE Composite Coating
  ZHANG Qing-le,FU Chuan-qi,SU Bao-hua,YANG Ping and WANG Zhou
  Published 2月 10日, 2014
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Influence of TiO2/SiO2 Laminated Films on the Hydrophilicity of Glass Surfaces
  WEN Jiu-ran,LIU Kai-ping,SUN Zhi-hua and LIU Cun-qiang
  Published 2月 10日, 2014
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Optimization of Ni-Cr Foam Alloy Electroplating Technology by Orthogonal Test
  HUO Xiao-min,LI An,LI Jun-ling and WANG De-qing
  Published 2月 10日, 2014
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Application and Research of New Thermal Spraying Technology in Engine Friction-reduction Performance
  WANG Gang,JIAO Meng-wang,LI He,GONG Ze-fei,WEI Yuan-sheng and YANG Hong-xin
  Published 2月 10日, 2014
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Study of Efficient Compound Surface Pretreatment on 3 A21 Aluminum Alloy
  YAN Wei-qiang and YANG Wen-zhong
  Published 2月 10日, 2014
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Problems of Piston Ring Surface Infiltration Pottery Craft and Improving Measures
  ZUO Xiong,SUN Feng-lou and FAN Ying
  Published 2月 10日, 2014
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Special Topic—Application of Graphene in Friction, Wear and Lubrication

Application of X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy in Material Surface Research
  YU Jin-tao,GUO Zhan-cheng,FENG Ting and 作者英文名
  Published 2月 10日, 2014
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Research Progress of Chemical Mechanical Polishing of Substrates Used
  XIONG Wei,CHU Xiang-feng,BAI Lin-shan,DONG Yong-ping and YE Ming-fu
  Published 2月 10日, 2014
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Research of Fluorinated Graphene and Its Applications in Surface Treatment
  BAI Rui,ZHAO Jiu-peng,LI Yao,NIU Yong-an,ZHANG Xin and KOU Yu-jie
  Published 2月 10日, 2014
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Laser Surface Modification Technology

多项高端论坛与会议已确定,助推展会发展———SF EXPO 2014 将成业界聚焦点
  Published 2月 10日, 2014
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“武器装备定寿与延寿技术” 专题征文通知
  Published 2月 10日, 2014
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