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Special Topic—HydrogenPermeation and Hydrogen Detection

Experimental Study on the Cracking Behavior in Laser-assisted Nitriding Process
  CAO Li-qin,SUN Li-na,XUAN Fu-zhen and WANG Zheng-dong
  Published 12月 10日, 2013
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Computer Simulation of Charge Particle State in Plasma Discharge Channel with Electrical Discharge Coating
  XIAO Bo,JIE Xiao-hua and XIAO Hou-qun
  Published 12月 10日, 2013
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Influence of Axle Load and Friction on the Fatigue of Wheel / Rail Contact
  CAO Shi-hao,JIANG Xiao-yu and WEN Liang-hua
  Published 12月 10日, 2013
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Effects of Overlapping Rate on Stress Distribution of AISI202 Welding Joint by Laser Shock Processing
  QIAN Shao-xiang,YIN Su-min,ZHANG Fei-xia and ZHANG Zhi-feng
  Published 12月 10日, 2013
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Performance Characterization of Electrochemical Etching Coating on Ni-P Alloy
  XU Bin and ZOU Hong-qing
  Published 12月 10日, 2013
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Interface Microstructure and High Temperature Corrosion of Nano-Al2O3 Particle Reinforced Ni-based Alloy Powder Laser Cladding
  WANG Xin-heng,QIAN Shu-kun,LIU An-min and ZHU Hang-sheng
  Published 12月 10日, 2013
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Effects of V / Nb on Microstructure and Properties of Arc Sprayed Martensitic Stainless Steel Alloy Coatings
  DENG Yu,YU Sheng-fu,YAN Ning,XING Shu-le and HUANG Lin-bing
  Published 12月 10日, 2013
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Finite Element Analysis on Temperature-stress Field of the Fe-Al Alloy Layer Prepared by the Hot Dipping Process
  HUANG Dun-wei,HOU Xin-rui and HU Ai-ping
  Published 12月 10日, 2013
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Study on Erosion-corrosion of N80 Steel in Fluids with Solid Particles
  LI Yong-quan,YU Bin-gao,LIU Jian-qiang and LI Feng
  Published 12月 10日, 2013
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Special Topic—Space Functional Coatings Technology

Study on Etching Rate of Die Steel in Micro-etching
  SONG Qing,ZHANG Yong-jun,YU Zhao-qin and WANG Guan
  Published 12月 10日, 2013
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Research and Process Optimization on Undercut of Die Steel in Micro-etching
  HUANG Hong-guang,GUO Zhong-ning and WANG Guan
  Published 12月 10日, 2013
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Study on the Process Hydrazine Reduction of Electroless Pure Nickel Plating
  SONG Bing-zheng,ZHAO Ya-ping and CAI Zai-sheng
  Published 12月 10日, 2013
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Synthesis of Gold( I) Thioglycolate and Its Physico-chemical Properties
  LIU Xi,LI De-liang and NIE Wu-yang
  Published 12月 10日, 2013
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Effect of Low Temperature Plasma Treatment on the Surface Properties of LDPE Film
  WANG Yun-ying,CHEN Yu-ru,MENG Jiang-yan and SUN Xu
  Published 12月 10日, 2013
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Study on the Preparation of High Temperature Oxidation-resistent Composite Coating on Ta-based Alloy
  TANG Yong,DU Ji-hong,LI Zheng-xian,HUANG Chun-liang,YAN Peng and YANG Tao
  Published 12月 10日, 2013
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High Velocity Oxygen Fuel Spraying NiCr-Cr3C2Coating on Steam Turbine
  YUAN Tao,QU Yi,SHI Meng,LUO Hong-jun and YU Ji-ping
  Published 12月 10日, 2013
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Technology Investigation of Antistatic and Anti-abrasive Coatings Prepared by Plasma Spray on Porcelain Roller
  ZHOU Jing,CHEN Han-bin and ZHANG Long-ping
  Published 12月 10日, 2013
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Technical Parameters of Preparation of Titanate Thin Films on Titanium Surface
  WANG Hui,WU Wen-hui,YUE Qi,CHEN Hao-zhe and YANG Hong-guang
  Published 12月 10日, 2013
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Special Topic—Application of Graphene in Friction, Wear and Lubrication

Research Progress of High Entropy Alloy Coatings
  PENG Jia and YAN Zi-bo
  Published 12月 10日, 2013
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Research Progress in the Surface Modification of Carbon Nanotube by Low Temperature Plasma
  CHANG Lan and QIN Wei-chao
  Published 12月 10日, 2013
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Research Progress of Brush Plating Technology in Surface Engineering
  REN Yan-ping,DENG Hong-hua,HUANG Fang-qiu and XU Qiao-yu
  Published 12月 10日, 2013
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Thermal Spraying and Cold Spraying Technology

Research Progress of Frequently-used Electromagnetic Wave Absorbing Material for Radar Stealth
  GAO Hai-bo,XIAN Qin,WANG Jian-lun and ZHOU Li-na
  Published 12月 10日, 2013
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Test Device Study of Foreign Military Equipment Target Characteristic Signatures
  CHEN Qin and WENG Xiao-long
  Published 12月 10日, 2013
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Special Topic—Application of Micro-arc Oxidation in Corrosion Field

The Preparation of Low Refractive Index UV-curable Coatings for Transmitting Energy Fiber Surface
  XIAO Jian,LU Gang,FENG Shu-juan,SU Wu,ZHAO Xia,XU Hong and LIU Li-hua
  Published 12月 10日, 2013
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Study of Preparation and Properties of High Dispersed Zinc-rich Coating
  DENG Jing-wei,TANG Nan,YIN Gui-lai,LIU Zhi-lei and LIU Guang-ming
  Published 12月 10日, 2013
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Preparation of Oil Shrinkage Cavity-resisting Cathodic Electrodeposition Coating
  QIU Wei,DING Yue and ZHANG Jing-yuan
  Published 12月 10日, 2013
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Special Topic—Corrosion Inhibitor and Its Application Technology

Comparative Analysis of Evaluation Methods for the Surface Roughness of Connecting Rod Bushings
  XU Chao,FAN Wen-xin,ZHAO Jun-sheng and LIANG Da-zhen
  Published 12月 10日, 2013
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Study on the Preparation Method for Ideal Steps in Thin Films
  FU Wen-bo,LIANG Jian-hua,WANG Wei-du,ZHOU Xiao-song,YANG Ben-fu and CHENG Gui-jun
  Published 12月 10日, 2013
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