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Special Topic—HydrogenPermeation and Hydrogen Detection

Influence of Negative Bias on TiAlN Films by Arc Ion Plating
  HUANG Mei-dong, XU Shi-peng, LIU Ye, XUE Li, PAN Yu-peng and FAN Xi-ying
  Published 12月 20日, 2012
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Phase Structure of TiO2 Film by Micro-arc Oxidation and Its Effect on Photocatalysis
  QIAN Chao-shi, LI Peng-fei, GUO Feng, YIN Jian-dai and JIA Yue
  Published 12月 20日, 2012
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Study on High Temperature Friction and Wear Performance of Chromium Carbide Based Coatings Sprayed by HVOF
  NIU Shao-peng, NIU Shao-peng, NIU Shao-peng, NIU Shao-peng and NIU Shao-peng
  Published 12月 20日, 2012
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Study on Properties of High Performance Nanostructural Zirconia Thermal Barrier Coating
  GUO Shuang-quan, FENG Yun-biao, FU Jun-bo and HE Yong
  Published 12月 20日, 2012
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Simulation on Stress Accumulation during the Path-by-path Deposition Process of Thermal Barrier Coating by Plasma Spraying
  TIAN Tian, ZHENG Zhen-huan and LI Qiang
  Published 12月 20日, 2012
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Analysis of Laser Cladding Ni Coated Al+1%Y2O3 Coating Organization
  GU Wei
  Published 12月 20日, 2012
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Study on Adsorption of Chloride Ion on Molybdate Intercalated Hydrotalcite
  YU Xiang, NIU Xian-chun and YU Zhi-dong
  Published 12月 20日, 2012
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Corrosion Inhibition of Grapefruit Skin Extract for Hot Rolled Carbon Steel in HCl Solution
  HU Si-hang, HE Peng-zhu and ZHOU Xiao-rong
  Published 12月 20日, 2012
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The Corrosion Inhibition Effect of Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylates and Its Complexd Inhibitors in the Chlorine Dioxide Media for Q235 Steel
  GAO Jin-long, LI Wen-ya, WANG Kui-tao, ZHANG Cong-jing and ZHANG Bing-zhu
  Published 12月 20日, 2012
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Effects of Surface Hot-dipping Al on Welding of 22MnB5 Sheet
  WANG Chun-yu, LI Lei, HAN Fei and ZHAO Hong-yun
  Published 12月 20日, 2012
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Effects of Bath Composition on Electroless Ni-P Plating onto Brass Surface at Medium Temperature
  TAN Li-hua, YE Fu-dong and WEI Zhe-liang
  Published 12月 20日, 2012
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Effects of RE-doped in the Bath on Nickel-base Electroless Deposit
  ZHANG Jing-yao and YANG Qiu-ju
  Published 12月 20日, 2012
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Characterization of Microstructure and Anti-corrosion Resistance of Ce-Mn Chemical Conversion Coating on AZ91 Magnesium Alloy
  YAO Ze-jiang, PAN Yan-hong, DU Jun, LUO Peng and YUWEN Hui-hui
  Published 12月 20日, 2012
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The Effects of Surfactants on Size and Morphology of HA
  SUN Qing-zhu, YANG Can-jun and WANG Hai-bo
  Published 12月 20日, 2012
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Effect of Marine Atmosphere Environment on Fracture Toughness for TA15 Titanium Alloy
  SHU Chang, ZHANG Wei, SU Yan, LIU Bin and PI Tao-lve
  Published 12月 20日, 2012
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Special Topic—Space Functional Coatings Technology

Study on the Preparation and Performance of a Novel High Temperature Resistant Adhesive for Bonging Ceramic Materials
  DONG Liu-shan and LUO Rui-ying
  Published 12月 20日, 2012
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Study on Nickel Salt Activation Process for Electroless Nickel Plating on MAO Ceramic Layer of Magnesium Alloy
  GUO Feng, YIN Jian-dai and LI Peng-fei
  Published 12月 20日, 2012
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Properties of Nickel Coating Deposited on Glass by DC Magnetron Sputtering
  HAN Li
  Published 12月 20日, 2012
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The Process Discussion of Crosslinked Chitosan Applying in Chemical Silver Plating
  WANG Bo-lian, ZHAO Ya-ping and CAI Zai-sheng
  Published 12月 20日, 2012
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Research on Microetchant for High Density Printed Circuit Board
  ZHANG Wei-dong, WANG Yu-qin, HE Zhi-rong, PAN Shu-en and LIU Jie-heng
  Published 12月 20日, 2012
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Study on the Application of New Potassium Monopersulfate and Phosphoric Acid Microetchant in PCB Industry
  YI Hong-kun and WANG Wei-ren
  Published 12月 20日, 2012
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Study on Film-fading Process of Uneven Colored Stainless Steel
  HUANG Feng-xiang, MAN Rui-lin, HU Jun-li, LIU Xiao-qin and LIU Jing-jing
  Published 12月 20日, 2012
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Research on Surface Strengthening on Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Die
  ZHAO Jian-guo, JIANG Hui, LI Jian-chang, FAN Yun-fei and HAO Jian-jun
  Published 12月 20日, 2012
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Study on Environment-friendly Pickling and Passivation for Welded Pipes of 304 Stainless Steel
  CHEN Liang, JIANG Ai-hua, DING Yi and MA Li-qun
  Published 12月 20日, 2012
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The Preparation of Composite Corrosion and Scale Inhibitor with High Efficient and Low Phosphoric
  WANG Xue, MU Qing-ping and LUAN Bo
  Published 12月 20日, 2012
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Special Topic—Application of Graphene in Friction, Wear and Lubrication

Review of Chromium Binary Alloy Electrodeposition Technologies from Trivalent Chromium Baths
  TU Zhen-mi, HU Hui-li and HOU Feng-yan
  Published 12月 20日, 2012
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The Summary of Influence Factors of Optical Properties of Barium Titanate Thin Films Prepared by Sol-gel Method
  JIANG Wei-hai, LIU Xing-bing, LIN Ze-bin, CAI Wei and FU Chun-lin
  Published 12月 20日, 2012
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Progress in Research of Fabrication Technology and Property Characterization of Super Hard Nanocomposite Films
  ZHENG Feng-xin
  Published 12月 20日, 2012
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Thermal Spraying and Cold Spraying Technology

Design of Absorber of the Planar Anisotropic Carbonyl-iron / Ferrite Composites
  DENG Zhi-ping, LIU Zhao-hui, ZHOU Guo-zhu and ZHANG Hang
  Published 12月 20日, 2012
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Special Topic—Application of Micro-arc Oxidation in Corrosion Field

Preparation and Anti-icing Properties of Superhydrophobic Coating
  QIU Wei, LIU Jian-xiang, ZENG Shu, ZHANG Bo and Feng Li-jun
  Published 12月 20日, 2012
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Thermal Analysis and Surface Blocker Choice ofMMA Waterproof Coating Curing
  GAO Jie-rong, LIU Cheng-cen, ZHAO Yan-sheng and ZHENG Yu-gang
  Published 12月 20日, 2012
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Study on Film-forming Property and Electrical Conductivity of Polyaniline and other Film Former
  YUAN Mei-hua, GU Xu-peng, XIA You-yi and CHANG Xing-long
  Published 12月 20日, 2012
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Special Topic—Corrosion Inhibitor and Its Application Technology

The Application of the Improved Median Filter and Least Square Method in Evaluation of 3D Surface Topography
  CHUI Ming-wei, FENG You-qian, WANG Wei, LI Zheng-chao and XU Xiao-dong
  Published 12月 20日, 2012
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Introduction of Domestic and Foreign Standards about Organic Polymer Coatings of Aluminium Alloys
  SUN Feng-xian, YAN Guang-jiong, YAO Wei and HE Yao-zu
  Published 12月 20日, 2012
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The Application of Prior Nitric Acid Treatment in the Assessment of Sealing Quality of Anodic Oxidation Coatings
  JI Hong and LI Yong-feng
  Published 12月 20日, 2012
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