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Special Topic—HydrogenPermeation and Hydrogen Detection

Study on Behavior of Docecanethiol SAMs on Pure Copper Surface
  CHEN Zhen-yu, HUANG Li-ping, HUANG Ling and LI Ling-jie
  Published 4月 20日, 2012
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Effect of Water in the Solvent on the Corrosion Inhibition Performance of TDPA SAMs on the Surface of 2024 Aluminum Alloy
  CHEN-Geng, QU Jun-e, LIU Shao-bo, WANG Hai-ren, and NIE De-jian
  Published 4月 20日, 2012
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Study on Microstructure and Microhardness in PTA Weld Hardfacings of Two Types of Ni-Cr-B-Si Alloys
  GE Yan-liu, DENG De-wei, LU Jun, TIAN Xin and GUAN Meng
  Published 4月 20日, 2012
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Study on Corrosion Inhibitors of Stainless Steel in Acid Potassium Permanganate Decontamination
  ZHANG Peng, LUO Yuan-jun, GONG Min, LIN Xiu-zhou, WANG Zhao-hua and LI Xin-yue
  Published 4月 20日, 2012
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Study on the Corrosion Behaviors of Zinc in Yellow Soil Leached withSimulatedAcidRain
  WU Yuan-hui, LUO Su-xing and GOU Hua
  Published 4月 20日, 2012
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Research on W-Mo-Y Plasma Surface Alloying Process and Microstructure of Alloying Layer
  CAI Hang-wei, GAOY uan, MA Zhi-kang, WANG Cheng-lei, YUAN Lin, ZHANG Wei and LI Bing
  Published 4月 20日, 2012
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Research on Corrosion Resistance of Al2O3-TiO2 Ceramic Coating Prepared by Lasma Spraying on Magnesium Alloy
  LI Xing-cheng and CHEN Ju-fang
  Published 4月 20日, 2012
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Study on Microstructure and Property of Low Pressure Plasma Sprayed MoB/CoCr Gradient Coatings by Laser Remelting
  CHEN Xiao
  Published 4月 20日, 2012
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Tribological Behaviour of WC-CoCr Coatings under Lubrication Conditions
  ZHOU Jing, ZHANG Hong, MA Rui-yong, ZHANG Jian and SHEN Cheng-jin
  Published 4月 20日, 2012
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Thermal Field Simulation of Electrical Discharge Coating in Liquid and Its Research
  LI Guo-liang, JIE Xiao-hua, XIAO Bo and LUO Wen
  Published 4月 20日, 2012
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Property Study on Chromium Plating Additives for Interior Layer of Tubular Parts
  PU Teng, XI Yu-sheng, OU Zhong-wen, HAN Ke, AI Qing-lin and LI Qi-min
  Published 4月 20日, 2012
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Kinetics of Immersion Silver Plating onto Copper Substrate in Ethanol-based Solution System
  TENG Pei-xiu, WEI Zhe-liang and ZHAO Wei
  Published 4月 20日, 2012
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Research of the Electroless Ni-P/Ni-W-P Duplex Coatings on 7075 Aluminium Alloy
  WANG Liang-hong, XIE Hong-xi and XIAO Gang-feng
  Published 4月 20日, 2012
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Effect of Film Thickness on the Color of Magnetron Sputtering ZrN Films
  SUN Wei-lian, AN Guang, SUN Bo, WANG Hui-qiang and LI Xin-ling
  Published 4月 20日, 2012
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The Study on Electrodeposition of FeNi Alloy Film and Its Structure and Magnetic Performance
  YANG Feng, ZHOU Shao-xiong, ZHU Tao, ZHU Yi and SUN Yong-hong
  Published 4月 20日, 2012
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Influence of Laser Scanning Speed on Modified Layer Organization of Magnesium Alloy
  SUN Kai, ZHAO Lin, ZHANG Ying-ying and ZHANG Hong-xue
  Published 4月 20日, 2012
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The Development and Application of Hall No Gate Ion Source
  WNAG Wen-qi and ZHU Chang
  Published 4月 20日, 2012
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Research on the Fluorinated Layer Surface Topography and Oil-resistant Property of Polyethylene Engineering Material
  LI Xiao-yue, FEI Yi-wei and YANG Hong-wei
  Published 4月 20日, 2012
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The Study on Physical and Chemical Properties of Fiber Treated by Enzyme
  WEI Ting, YI Hong-ling, LIN Heng, GONG Wei-guang and ZHENG Bai-cun
  Published 4月 20日, 2012
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Special Topic—Space Functional Coatings Technology

Study on the Technology of Electroless Cu Plating on Polyester Fabric
  ZHANG Huan, WANG Hao, JIA Yu-rong, ZHANG Jie and DAI Ya-tang
  Published 4月 20日, 2012
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Titanium-salt Conversion Process on Hot-dip Galvanized Coating
  ZHAO Yan, GUO Rui-guang, YAO Qian, QIAO Ya-long, TONG Shao-lei and LIU Jiang-tao
  Published 4月 20日, 2012
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Effect of Glycer in in Zincate Solution on Improving Cohesive Force of Electroplating Coating on Aluminum Substrate
  WANG Ming-hao, ZHOU Chao-liang, HU Jin, XIE Lei and LI Ning
  Published 4月 20日, 2012
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The Influence of Prior Plasma Nitriding on the Adhesion Strength of CrTiAlN Coating Formed on H13 Steel
  GE Pei-lin, GE Pei-lin, GE Pei-lin, GE Pei-lin and GE Pei-lin
  Published 4月 20日, 2012
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Effects of Loading on Corrosion-wear Synergism of Nickel-based Nanometer SiC Coatings
  CHEN Xiao-lei, WU Bin, LIU Yang, BAI Xue-lian and ZHANG Wei
  Published 4月 20日, 2012
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Thermal Shocking Property of Plasma-sprayed Sm2Zr2O7/NiCoCrAlY Funtional Graded Thermal Barrier Coatings
  CHEN Xiao-ge, ZHANG Tian-tong and ZHANG Hong-song
  Published 4月 20日, 2012
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FE Analysis of Edge Defects Cause and Defects Control for Skin-passed Galvanized Strip
  SHI Lei, WANG XING-dong, PENG Wei, LI You-rong and CHEN Xiao-wen
  Published 4月 20日, 2012
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Special Topic—Application of Graphene in Friction, Wear and Lubrication

A Review of Vacuum Arc Deposition and Its Application in Hardness Films
  QIU Jia-wen and ZHAO Dong-cai
  Published 4月 20日, 2012
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Thermal Spraying and Cold Spraying Technology

Electromagnetic Modification of T-ZnOw and It's Performance
  TIAN Zeng-bin, DU Zuo-juan, HUANG Xiao-zhong and WANG Chao-ying
  Published 4月 20日, 2012
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Special Topic—Application of Micro-arc Oxidation in Corrosion Field

Preparation of Latent Curing Agent and the Performance of Its Water-based Epoxy Coating
  ZHOU Jian-ping, ZHAO Hai-fang, LIU Zhi-le and ZENG Qing-yu
  Published 4月 20日, 2012
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Special Topic—Corrosion Inhibitor and Its Application Technology

The Testing and Analysis for Adhesion of Thin-film of NiCr/NiSi Sensor
  ZHENG Xiao-feng, ZENG Qi-yong, LI Zhu, WU Kai and ZHU Ming
  Published 4月 20日, 2012
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