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Special Topic—HydrogenPermeation and Hydrogen Detection

Effect of UV Irradiation on the Formation of Titanium-salt Conversion Coating onAl 2024
  ZHANG Li, GUO Rui-guang, FANG Xin-jian and WANG Na-na
  Published 2月 20日, 2012
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Study on Cathodic Polarization of Sn-Zn-La-CeO2 Composite Electro-plating Process
  XIONG Kun, DU Chong-lin, CHEN Zhen, LIAO Deng-hui and WU Jian
  Published 2月 20日, 2012
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Microstructure and Corrosion Electrochemical Behavior of Ni-TiO2 Nanocomposite Coating Prepared by Electro-brush Plating
  WANG Qin-qin, SHEN Cheng-jin, ZHU Zhen and ZHOUShi-yong
  Published 2月 20日, 2012
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Study on the Preparation of Doped Bi-PbO2/Ti by Electrodeposition in the Presence of Ultrasonic Radiation and its Property
  LI Xiao-le, ZUO Guo-qiang and ZHANG Xiao-jie
  Published 2月 20日, 2012
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  YUAN Lin, GAO Yuan, ZHANG Wei, WANG Cheng-lei, MA Zhi-kang and CAI Hang-wei
  Published 2月 20日, 2012
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Surface Dynamic Evolution of SiNx Thin Film Deposited by Magnetion Sputtering
  CHEN Hu and ZHOU Xi-ying
  Published 2月 20日, 2012
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Study on Tribological Behavior of CrN Hard Film Against Thermosetting Plastics
  YE Yan, SHANG Kui-ping, BAO Ming-dong, XU Xue-bo, GE Pei-lin and JIANG Li
  Published 2月 20日, 2012
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A Performance Research of Cathodic Disbonding of the Anticorrosive Coating in Oil and Gas Transport Buried Pipelines
  GONG Min, ZHANG Ting, XIONG Juan, ZHENG Xing-wen, LIN Xiu-zhou and HOU Sheng
  Published 2月 20日, 2012
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Hot Corrosion Behavior of a Directional Solid Co-base Superalloy
  SUN Yue-jun, LIU Meng-long, LIU Xi-zhong and ZHANG Jun
  Published 2月 20日, 2012
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Effects of Electric Parameters on Properties of Micro-arc Oxidation Films Formed on Magnesium Alloys AZ91D
  SHANG Wei, WEN Yu-qing, LI Xiu-guang, HUANG Ming-ren and LU Yi-cheng
  Published 2月 20日, 2012
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Effect of Palygorskite on Wear Performance of Mo2FeB2
  SHI Hai-fang, GAO Shi-xi and LI Zhi-chao
  Published 2月 20日, 2012
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The Sintering Process and Performance Study on Energy-efficient Enamel Coating
  YAN Chun-jin, YANG Jun and CUI Hao-ran
  Published 2月 20日, 2012
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Micro-structure and Corrosion Resistance of Irradiated by the HCPEB on LY12 Aluminum Alloy Surface
  LI Gang, ZHAO Yun-long and TANG Ming-zhong
  Published 2月 20日, 2012
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Influence of Surfactant on Zinc Immersion for AZ91D Magnesium Alloy
  GOU Yin-ning and LI Xin-yang
  Published 2月 20日, 2012
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Application of Micro-arc Oxidation Technology in Aluminum, Magnesium and Its Alloys against Corrosion in the Marine Environment
  FANG Ai-cun and XIE Guang-sheng
  Published 2月 20日, 2012
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Application of Micro-arc Oxidation in Parts of a Product
  SUN Li-hua, LIU Shu-yan, DI Jian-guo, CHEN Yan and LI Shou-jing
  Published 2月 20日, 2012
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Preparation of Ni/CrAl Coatings on T91 Steel by Composite Electrodeposition
  LIU Guang-ming, LIU De-qiang, WANG Yuan-kui, REN Yong-feng, QIU Jia-hong and TIAN Ji-hong
  Published 2月 20日, 2012
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Study on the Process of Ni-P-α-Al2O3 Nano-composite Electroplating
  ZHU Fu-liang, ZHU Yu-qing, QIN Rui-huan and CHEN Yuan-feng
  Published 2月 20日, 2012
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A Study on Ni-ZrO2 Nano-Composite Plating
  WANG Lin, SUN Ben-liang, XU Wei, WANG Xing-li and ZHANG Lei
  Published 2月 20日, 2012
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Study on Cr-Al2O3 Nano Composite Electrodeposition
  HE Xiang-zhu, SUN Xin and WANG Yong-xiu
  Published 2月 20日, 2012
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Simulation of Distribution of Light Energy Field on MATLAB
  LIU Xue-ji, LI Zhi and ZHANG An-ping
  Published 2月 20日, 2012
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Studies on Silane-based Anti-corrosion Surface Treatment of Aluminum Alloy 2024
  CHEN Lei, CNEN Guo-hui, JIANG Wen-hui and LIN Xian-qing
  Published 2月 20日, 2012
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Double Glow Plasma Surface Metallurgy Cr-Ni-Mo-Co Technology Research
  WANG Bing-ying, YUAN Xiao-mei and WANG Wen-hui
  Published 2月 20日, 2012
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Effect of Rare Earth On Boronizing Layer and Catalysis Process for Q345 Steel
  LIU Jian-jian, CHEN Zhu-ping, YANG Guang, XU Yue-dong, TAN Hai-bo and CHI Kuo
  Published 2月 20日, 2012
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Study on Hot Galvanized Surfaces Phosphating Technology without Washing at Room Temperature
  OUYANG Jun-jun and ZHOU Li
  Published 2月 20日, 2012
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Special Topic—Application of Graphene in Friction, Wear and Lubrication

Influence Factors of Wear Resistance with Bionic Non-smooth Surfaces
  LIU Xian-lan, SHAO Jin-zhong and JIN Xiao-ming
  Published 2月 20日, 2012
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Research Progress on Coatability of Hot-dip Galvanized Transformation Induced Plasticity Steel
  ZHANG Li-yang, WENG Jin-peng and CHU Shuang-jie
  Published 2月 20日, 2012
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Research Status of Surface Roughening during Plastic Deformation
  ZHOU Xiao-fang
  Published 2月 20日, 2012
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Special Topic—Application of Micro-arc Oxidation in Corrosion Field

Research on Molten Al-Si Alloy Corrosion Resistant Coatings Prepared on 20G Steel Surface
  CHEN Xiao, WANG Hong-tao and LIU Chang-hua
  Published 2月 20日, 2012
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Fabrication and Properties of a Self-cleaning Hydrophobic Coating
  HUANG Shuo, WU Zhong-kui, YI Hui, WAN Xiao-dong and ZHANG-Rui
  Published 2月 20日, 2012
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Thermal Spraying and Cold Spraying Technology

Influence of Heat-treatment on the Microstructure and Microwave Absorbing Properties of SrFe12O19
  ZHANG Ze-yang, LIU Xiang-xuan, WU You-peng and WANG Xuan-jun
  Published 2月 20日, 2012
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