Volume 39,Issue 3,2010 Table of Contents

Other Issues:  

Surface Strengthening Technology

Fabrication and Absorption of FeCoNi Alloy Fine Powders
  ZENG Guo-xun, ZHANG Hai-yan, GE Ying and CHEN Yi-ming
  Published 6月 10日, 2010
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Grafting Modification and Structure Characterization of Nanosilica
  GUO Qing-bing, TAN Yun-hua, CHEN Jiang-hua, LI Cui-jin and XIAO Nai-yu
  Published 6月 10日, 2010
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Study on Microstructure and Properties of Ni-ZrO2Nanocomposite Coatings Prepared by Ultrasonic Electrodeposition
  SI Dong-hong, XUE Yu-jun and SHEN Chen
  Published 6月 10日, 2010
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Structure and Corrosion Behavior of Electrodeposited Cr-Fe-ZrO2Composite Coatings
  LI Da-guang, HUANG Lin-yuan, HE Xiang-zhu, FU Wei-qin and ZHOU Xin-li
  Published 6月 10日, 2010
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Study on Polarization Curve in Fluoroborate Baths for Bright Plating Tin and Tin-cobalt Alloys Electroplating
  LUO Xu-yan, PENG Peng, WU Bin and LI Dong-lin
  Published 6月 10日, 2010
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Sn Whisker Growth Mechanism in the Electroplating Matte Sn System
  YAN Yi-wen, LI Zhao-kang and ZOU Meng-yu
  Published 6月 10日, 2010
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Effects of Cerium Ions on the Electrocrystallization of Nickel
  PAN Bing-suo, FANG Xiao-hong and HUANG Zhi-qiang
  Published 6月 10日, 2010
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Study on the Microstructure and Properties of Electroless Ni-W-P Plating on Aluminium Alloy
  YAO Huai, CHANG Qing-hua and WANG Xi-ran
  Published 6月 10日, 2010
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Optimization Modeling and Simulation on Deposition Rate of Air Spray Painting
  XIA Wei, DU Zheng, YU Sheng-rui and LIAO Xiao-ping
  Published 6月 10日, 2010
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High-temperature Corrosion Resistance Research of HVFS Fe-Al/Cr3C2Composite Coating
  LIU Xiao-ming, DONG Jun-hui, XU Run-sheng, WU Zi-chen and GAO Yun-peng
  Published 6月 10日, 2010
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Study on Microstucture of Nano Y-PSZ Based Seal Coating
  XIAO Wei, MIN Jie, MENG Ling-juan, ZHANG Qi, YE Fei, YE Wei-ping and CHENG Xu-dong
  Published 6月 10日, 2010
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Study on Corrosion Resistance and Anti-adhesion of Microorganism Properties of Ceramic Coating under Water-lubrication
  ZHANG Qi, YE Fei, XIAO Wei, MIN Jie, MENG Ling-juan, YE Wei-ping and CHENG Xu-dong
  Published 6月 10日, 2010
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Corrosion Measurement of Carbon Steel in Simulated Concrete Solution
  LIN Cui, ZHAO Qing, DU Nan, ZHANG San-ping and FENG Chang-jie
  Published 6月 10日, 2010
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Inhibition Performance of Compound Inhibitor of Imidazoline Phosphate for Q235 Steel
  YU Hui-hua, ZHANG Jing and DU Min
  Published 6月 10日, 2010
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Study on Corrosion Inhibition and Adsorption Thermodynamics of Benzalkonium Bromide on Zinc in Hydrofluoric Acid
  LAN Tian-li, REN Xiao-ying, CHEN Ying-ying, GAO Zhan-xin and JIAO Qing-zhu
  Published 6月 10日, 2010
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A Modified Electrode Preparation Based on Multi-wall Carbon Nanotubes/phosphomolybdic Acid and its Electro-catalytic Characteristics of Hydrogen Peroxide
  LUO Su-xing, WU Yuan-hui and Zeng Qi-hua
  Published 6月 10日, 2010
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Anticorrosion Performance of Doped Polyaniline Coating Prepared by Cyclic Voltammetry
  LIU Wan-min, HE Yong-jun and LI Zhi-tan
  Published 6月 10日, 2010
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Organization Analysis of Modified Layer on AZ91D Magnesium Alloy Surface and Effect Research on Corrosion Resistance
  WANG Ya-peng and SUN Kai
  Published 6月 10日, 2010
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Study on Preparation and Performance of Thermal Spraying Coatings onto Aluminum Alloy Abnormity Bent Surface
  HOU Guo-liang, ZHOU Hui-di, AN Yu-long, ZHAO Xiao-qin and LIU Guang
  Published 6月 10日, 2010
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Cathodic Polarization of Cyanide-free Alkaline Copper Plating from EDTA Bath
  CHEN Zhen, GUO Zhong-cheng, ZHOU Wei-ming, WU Jian and WANG Yong-yin
  Published 6月 10日, 2010
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Study on the Process of Horizontally Vibrating Mechanical Attrition Electroplating Cu Coatings
  LV Xiao-li, FENG Chang-jie, ZHONG Xiao-rong, WAN Xiao-huan and DU Nan
  Published 6月 10日, 2010
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Experimental Research on Surface Pretreatment Process in Electro-brush Plating
  BAO Chun-jiang and WANG Rui-li
  Published 6月 10日, 2010
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New Method about Contaminants Removal for Storage Hard Disk after CMP
  LI Wei-wei
  Published 6月 10日, 2010
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Effect of Pretreatment on Specific Capacitance of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Anodic Foil
  YANG Fu-guo
  Published 6月 10日, 2010
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Study on Nitrate Acidic Etcher
  LI Jia, LI De-liang and MO Ling
  Published 6月 10日, 2010
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Special Topic—Application of Graphene in Friction, Wear and Lubrication

Preparation and Applications of Cu-W(Mo)Thin Films
  ZENG Ying-ying and AI Yong-ping
  Published 6月 10日, 2010
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Progress in Elevated Protect Coating Technologies of Titanium Alloys
  LI Zhong-sheng, WU Hu-lin, ZHANG Long-ping and CHEN Yun-ru
  Published 6月 10日, 2010
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Special Topic—Space Functional Coatings Technology

Study on Improving the Compositive Function of Poly-putty
  LI De-dong
  Published 6月 10日, 2010
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A Composite Brush Plating Repairing Technology for 20Cr2Ni4A Steel Surface Carbrized Layer
  ZHANG Yu-feng, XU Xiang-jun and WU Fu-shuan
  Published 6月 10日, 2010
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Research on the Repairing Technology for 18Cr2Ni4WA Steel Worn Surface
  XIA Cheng-bao, WANG Ding-jiang and LI Zhao-hua
  Published 6月 10日, 2010
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Special Topic—Abrasive and Finishing Technologies and Machined Surface Integrity

Several Notable Problems from Welded Tools with PVD Coating
  ZHANG Er-geng and KONG Ling-chao
  Published 6月 10日, 2010
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