Volume 39,Issue 2,2010 Table of Contents

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Surface Strengthening Technology

The Mechanism of Trivalent Chromium Electrodeposition and Electrocrystallization from Trivalent Chromium in Chloride System
  SHU Xu-gang, LIAO Lie-wen, HE Xiang-zhu and HUANG Hui-min
  Published 4月 10日, 2010
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The Study on the Wearability of Fabric after Electroless Nickel Plating
  SUN Bin and WANG Zhi-xin
  Published 4月 10日, 2010
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Influence of Nano-TiO2Content on the Properties of Silicone/SiO2Hybrid Coatings
  ZHANG Long-chang, LIN Ji-yue, CHEN Gang, YU Xiang-yun and LIU Guang-ming
  Published 4月 10日, 2010
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The Study on Tribological Properties of MoS2/TiN Composite Coating on the Surface of Titanium Alloy
  WANG Li-jie and YANG Jun-sheng
  Published 4月 10日, 2010
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Study on the Factors Influencing the Distinctness of Image of Organic-coated Sheet
  LU Lin, REN Yu-ling, WEN Nai-meng and LI Xiao-gang
  Published 4月 10日, 2010
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Research on the Microstructure and Properties of Laser Cladding Layer and Thermal Spray Coating on the Surface of Soft Steel
  FENG Xu-dong, YUAN Qing-long, CAO Jing-jing and SU Zhi-jun
  Published 4月 10日, 2010
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Sliding Wear Performance of Self-lubricating Aluminum Alloy Hard Anodic Oxidation Film
  GUO Qing-bing, YUAN Hai-bing, LI Cui-jin and XIAO Nai-yu
  Published 4月 10日, 2010
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Investigations on the Colored Coordination Compound Films of Several Thiourea Derivatives on Zinc Plate with Photoelectron Spectrometer
  LI Dao-hua
  Published 4月 10日, 2010
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Effects of Bias Voltage on Microstructure and Stress of GLC Films
  YAN Fu-xue, BAI Li-jing and YIN Peng
  Published 4月 10日, 2010
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The Study on Corrosion Resistance of Metal Coating on High Molecular Coating Matrix
  LIU Ji-wei and GU Zhong-yun
  Published 4月 10日, 2010
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Preparation of Metal Cu Film and the Research of the Infrared Emissivity Properties
  WU Chun, LIU Xiang-xuan, JIANG Da-yong, LIANG Jian-tao and WU You-peng
  Published 4月 10日, 2010
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Promotion on Rare Earth-polyoxometalate Modified Platinum Electrode to Electrocatalytic Oxidation of Methanol
  GOU Hua, WU Yuan-hui and LUO Su-xing
  Published 4月 10日, 2010
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Thickness Analysis of Coating for Hot Dip Aluminum on 45 Steel
  LI Fei-zhou
  Published 4月 10日, 2010
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Effects of Process Parameters on the Phase Structure of TiN Layer by Plasma Synthesizing
  WANG Cheng-lei, GAO Yuan, BU Gen-tao and SHEN Gang
  Published 4月 10日, 2010
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Effects of Ball Milling Techniques on SiC Powder by Mechanical Alloying
  GAO Li-min, WANG Zhen-ling and DONG Sheng-min
  Published 4月 10日, 2010
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Effect of Plating Process on the Microstructure and Hardness of Ni Nano-films
  WANG Shan-shan, ZHU Yao-min, REN Feng-zhang and YIN Li-tao
  Published 4月 10日, 2010
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Study on Electroless Nickel-based Nano-(SiC)PComposite Coating
  XU Hui, ZHANG Zhao-guo and YIN Zhi-juan
  Published 4月 10日, 2010
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Process Technique of Electroless Tin Plating On Brass Zipper
  ZHOU Dong, WANG Yu, DING Yi and MA Li-qun
  Published 4月 10日, 2010
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The Effect of Temperature on the Electroless Ni-W-P Ternary Alloys Plating on the Aluminum Alloy
  YAO Huai, CHANG Qing-hua, WANG Xi-ran and CHEN Yan-fang
  Published 4月 10日, 2010
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Silicate Conversion Coatings on the Surface of Aluminum
  LI Xiao-jie and GUO Rui-guang
  Published 4月 10日, 2010
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The Ferric-system phosphating solution which is composed of H3PO4,(NH4)6Mo7O24·4H2O and so on reacted with each other at room temperature to produce phosphating film. The color phosphating film without washing can be formed fleetly on Q235 steel test piece after drying for more than 8 h at room temperature. The morphology and element contents of the films were analyzed by SEM and EDS, respectively. The results show that the phosphating film without washing is composed of oxide with Fe3+, phsophate and a little of molybdate.The phosphating film,whose crystalline size is less than orequal to 3μm,is continuous and compact with weightiness of 0.8 g/m2.It bears corrupt of 3% NaCl solution for about 2 h. Its cling force reaches 1st grade after spraying epoxy resin antirust of iron oxide red.
  LI Cheng-yong, YU Qu-min and LIU Lin-qi
  Published 4月 10日, 2010
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Process Discussion of Chrome-free Conversion on Die Casting Magnesium Alloy
  SONG Dong-fu, LONG Si-yuan, CAO Feng-hong, ZHANG Xin-ling and LIN Wei-hong
  Published 4月 10日, 2010
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The Influence of Sealing Treatment with Salt Containing Ni2+ at Normal Temperature on Properties of Anodized Aluminum Alloy
  REN Xin and CHU Xin
  Published 4月 10日, 2010
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Effect of Negative Pulse Voltage on the Microstructure and Corrosion Resistance of Microarc Oxidation Film on A356 Aluminum Alloy
  PENG Guang-huai, GUO Xue-feng, FANG Ling, HAN Bao-jun and ZHANG Xiao-lian
  Published 4月 10日, 2010
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Research on Process and Device of Pickling for OFC Pipeline Internal Surface
  JIA Qing-gong, YANG Jin-xiang and REN Yuan
  Published 4月 10日, 2010
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Special Topic—Application of Graphene in Friction, Wear and Lubrication

The Study Progress of PESA in Scale-corrosion Inhibition
  LIU Xin-hua, LV Wen-zhi, KONG Yi-chao and WANG Qing-hui
  Published 4月 10日, 2010
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Research and Development of Environmentally-friendly Phosphating Accelerator
  LI Hong-ling, ZHANG Sheng-lin and YANG Yu-ping
  Published 4月 10日, 2010
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Special Topic—Space Functional Coatings Technology

Reliability Modeling of Laser Cladding Part Based on MATLAB
  ZHONG Ming and FU Ge-yan
  Published 4月 10日, 2010
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Design and Research on Absorbing Properties of a Kind of Double-layer Absorbing Materials
  GAO Yong-fang and SHI Jia-ming
  Published 4月 10日, 2010
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Special Topic—Abrasive and Finishing Technologies and Machined Surface Integrity

Arc Spraying Metal Coating Defects and Prevention
  WANG Yan-dong, YANG Xiao-yu, CHAO Yu, SUN Yin, NI Ya and XIE Qian
  Published 4月 10日, 2010
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