Volume 39,Issue 1,2010 Table of Contents

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Surface Strengthening Technology

Ni-based Laser Cladding-remelting Layers on 20 Steel and Its High Temperature Abrasive-wear Behavior
  ZHANG Xiao-bin, ZANG Chen-feng and LIU Chang-sheng
  Published 2月 10日, 2010
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Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Hafnium Carbide Coatings Synthesized by Reactive Magnetron Sputtering
  XU Hui, ZHU Xin-fa, ZHANG Jing-jing, ZHOU Yi-xin, LI Guan-qun and LI Ge-yang
  Published 2月 10日, 2010
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The Study on Interface Reaction between High-temperature Ceramic Coating Containing Nano-size Nickel Powder and Super Alloy GH202
  GU Yi, XIA Chang-qing and QIU Guan-zhou
  Published 2月 10日, 2010
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Microstructure and Wear Resistance of Mo2FeB2Cermets Coating by Induction Heating
  ZHOU Xiao-ping and XU Yi-sheng
  Published 2月 10日, 2010
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Study on the Structure and Thermal Oxidization Properties of Plasma-sprayed Al2O3-13%TiO2Composite Ceramic Coatings
  XU Xin-jie, HE Yi, MA Dong-lin and LIU Yuan-zhong
  Published 2月 10日, 2010
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Preparation and Properties of Al Alloying on AZ31 Magnesium Alloy
  YE Hong, WANG Bin, LONG Gang and DENG Dai-yu
  Published 2月 10日, 2010
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Comparison of Microstructures and Properties between Ni60 Coatings Obtained by High-temperature Protective Coating Cladding and Induction Melting
  TIAN Hao-liang, ZHENG Shao-mei and ZHAO Cheng
  Published 2月 10日, 2010
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Inoxidizability& Microstructures of Original NiCoCrAlY Coating on Ti6Al4V Alloy by Magnetron Sputtering
  WANG Bao-yun, LI Zheng-xian, YAN Peng, WANG Yan-feng and JI Shou-chang
  Published 2月 10日, 2010
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Corrosion Behavior of Hot Dip Galvanized Coating in Saturated Ca(OH)2Solution
  LU Jin-tang, WANG Ran-yuan and KONG Gang
  Published 2月 10日, 2010
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Study on Nickel-phosphorus Electroless Coating for Aluminum Alloy and Its Corrosion Resistance
  LIANG Ping
  Published 2月 10日, 2010
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Anti-corrosion Comparison and Self-repairing Preliminary Discussion of Several Modified Phosphate Coatings
  LIN Bi-lan, LU Jin-tang and KONG Gang
  Published 2月 10日, 2010
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Preparation and Characterization of a Composite Coating on AZ31 for Biomedical Application
  LI Shu, DONG Yin-sheng, SHENG Xiao-bo, GUO Chao and CHU Cheng-lin
  Published 2月 10日, 2010
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Absorption UV and Visible Spectrum of Ti-O Films Affected by O Content
  WAN Wei-wei, HE Xiang and SUN Feng-lou
  Published 2月 10日, 2010
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Influence of Ti Ions Implantation on Quartz Metalization
  CUI Xin-qiang, LI Hai-bing, LI Guo-qing and JIANG Bao-cai
  Published 2月 10日, 2010
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Contrast Study on the Inhibitive Effect of N,N-diphenyl Thiourea and Thiourea on the Corrosion of A3 Steel in Acid Medium
  NIE Jin-yan, SI Yun-sen, YU Qiang and WANG Zhao-di
  Published 2月 10日, 2010
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The Microscale Study on the Heat Transfer Area of the Metal Surface by Chemical Corrosion
  SHANG Guo-feng, ZHOU Xian-tao, LIU Hai-feng and PAN Jia-zhen
  Published 2月 10日, 2010
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Effects of Deposition Temperature and Annealing on Structure of BCN Thin Films
  YANG Qiong, WANG Chuan-bin, ZHANG Song, ZHANG Dong-ming, SHEN Qiang and ZHANG Lian-meng
  Published 2月 10日, 2010
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Optimization of Technology of Electroless Ni-P Pretreatment Process on the Aluminum Alloy Surface
  SUN Hua, MA Hong-fang, LIU Ke-gao and LIU Yi
  Published 2月 10日, 2010
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Study on the Preparation and Properties of Ni-P/Ni Duplex Coating on the Surface Magnesium Alloys
  XU Gang, ZHANG Xiu-zhi and ZHANG Yi-shuai
  Published 2月 10日, 2010
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Process Study on Anodic Oxide Coating Preparation of Aluminum Alloy with Alternating Current
  LI Jian-hong and LI Na
  Published 2月 10日, 2010
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SiO2Coating/ H2Reduction Processes of Superfine Iron Fiber
  KE Chang-feng, TU Guo-rong, ZHOU Xiao-hua, DU Guang-xu and WANG Wu-shang
  Published 2月 10日, 2010
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Special Topic—Application of Graphene in Friction, Wear and Lubrication

Research Progress of Gas Soft-nitriding Technology
  CHEN Lei, JIE Xiao-hua, YU Neng and ZHENG Xiang-xin
  Published 2月 10日, 2010
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The Researches of Al Coating on Magnesium Alloys
  WANG Bin, YE Hong, YAN Zhong-lin and DENG Dai-yu
  Published 2月 10日, 2010
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Special Topic—Space Functional Coatings Technology

Mean Specific Resistance Measurement of Aluminum Alloy Profile
  JI Hong, SUN Feng-xian and LI Yong-feng
  Published 2月 10日, 2010
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A Method of Studying the Stability of Etching Solution
  FU Yu-ting, BA Jun-zhou, JIANG Ya-xiong and YAN Fei-xue
  Published 2月 10日, 2010
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Control System for Electroplating Process Based on On-line Current Density Monitoring
  DU Gui-ping, LI Xiong-tao and JIANG Li-jun
  Published 2月 10日, 2010
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Preparation of Al2O3-ZrO2Composite Slurry for Coating
  ZHANG Fa-bi and ZHU Jing-chuan
  Published 2月 10日, 2010
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Study on the Repairing Technology of the Functional Coatings for Modern Equipment
  WANG Xin, TAN Yan-jiang, QIU Hua and ZHOU Guang-hua
  Published 2月 10日, 2010
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Prepation and Study on New Phosphate Adhesive at High Temperature
  ZENG Xian-guang, YU Lan-ying, LI Xin-yue and ZHENG Xing-wen
  Published 2月 10日, 2010
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Application of High Pressure Water Jet in Ammunition Surface Degreasing
  LIU Peng-an, HUANG Peng-bo, YOU Wei and YAO Rong-guo
  Published 2月 10日, 2010
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