Volume 37,Issue 5,2008 Table of Contents

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Surface Strengthening Technology

Self-organized Process of the Anodic Alumina Films at the Different Temperatures
  GONG Yun-Ian, YANG Yun, WANG Wei and GUO He-tong
  Published 10月 10日, 2008
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Structure and Properties of Ni-WC Nano-composite Coating by Electroplating
  LI li, WANG Biao and ZHANG Zi-hua
  Published 10月 10日, 2008
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Study on Inhibitor for Reducing Metal Corrosion in Formic Acid Solution
  CHEN Xi-ting, ZHOU Ya, JIANG Li-ming and XU Hai-dong
  Published 10月 10日, 2008
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Microstructure and Properties of Ni/WC Composite Infiltrated Layer on Cast Iron Surface
  WANG Hai-tang, LI Yuan-dong, YANG Gui-rong, LIU Sheng-long and HAO Yuan
  Published 10月 10日, 2008
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Effect of the Content of Cr in Electrolyte on Electrochemical Corrosion Behavior of Electrodeposited Fe-Cr-Ni Coating
  Xi Yan-jun, LIU Yong-jun, WANG Zhi-xin and LU Jin-bin
  Published 10月 10日, 2008
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The Influence of Diffusion Annealing on the Organization of Hot-dipped Aluminum Coating on the Ductile Iron
  ZHAO Xia, XU Jia-wen, MA Li-hua and ZHU Yan
  Published 10月 10日, 2008
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Study on Electroless Plating Ni-Co-P Alloy on the Surface of Polyaruline Powders
  XIE Jun-lei, SHI Dong-mei, DU Shi-guo and YAN Jun
  Published 10月 10日, 2008
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Study on Ornamental Zn-Ni/Ni-P Double Coating
  NIU Li-yuan
  Published 10月 10日, 2008
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The Reseach of Silicone Rubber Reinforced by Fumed Silica which Modified by Silane Coupling Agent
  JIANG Song-bo, WANG Yun-ying, MENG Jiang-yan and WANG Yun-ping
  Published 10月 10日, 2008
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Study on the Surface Composition Distribution of GeSi Nanostructures by High Resolution FE-AES and SEM
  XUE Fei and LIU Jun-liang
  Published 10月 10日, 2008
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Study on Natural Weathering Behavior of Modified Polystyrene
  HE Jian-xin, LI Ji-hong, HU Bin and WEN Jing
  Published 10月 10日, 2008
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Study on the Surface Modification of Modified MoS2 by MA
  ZHANG Jian-qiang, FENG Hui-xia, CUI Jin-feng, YANG Bao-ping and WANG Yi
  Published 10月 10日, 2008
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Corrosion Resistance of Hot Dip Zn-Ti Coating
  GUI Yan
  Published 10月 10日, 2008
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Study on the Consuming Law of Normal Temperature Phosphating Solution of Zinc Series and the Mecharusm of Film Forming
  WANG Guo-hua
  Published 10月 10日, 2008
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Anticorrosion Property and Appearance of Mecharucal Zinc Coatings Formed by Metal Powder with Different Granularity
  LU Jie
  Published 10月 10日, 2008
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Study on Electroless Silver Plating on PCB
  HU Li-xin, ZHAN Wen, KOU Zhi-min, WU Rui-huang and OU Yang-gui
  Published 10月 10日, 2008
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Study on Process Improvement for Chrome-free Chemical Conversion Film on Aluminum Alloy
  MA Deng-long and LIANG Yan-ping
  Published 10月 10日, 2008
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Preparation and Performance of Black Phosphating Coating of Zn-Ca System at Medium Temperature
  CHEN Lin
  Published 10月 10日, 2008
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Study on Preparation of Functional Gradient Material Contained Nano-particles by Pulse Electrofornung
  ZHANG Wen-feng
  Published 10月 10日, 2008
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Low Temperature Technics Study on Chenucal Coloring on Stainless Steel
  LIU Zhong-bao and LIANG Yan-ping
  Published 10月 10日, 2008
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Wear Resistant omposite Phosphating
  SI Yi, SONG Ye_li and LI Chang-sheng
  Published 10月 10日, 2008
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Study on Cu-W Composite Electroplating Process
  HONG Yi, ZHANG Xiao-yan, LI Guang-yu, MA Xiao-dong and AO Qi-yan
  Published 10月 10日, 2008
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The Effect of Hydrogen Absorption on Magnetic Properties of NdFeB and the Adhesive Strength of its Electrodeposited Coating
  HAO Zhi-ping and WANG Feng-qiang
  Published 10月 10日, 2008
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Study on the Citric Acid Passivation for Stainless Steel
  TANG Ya-lu and WANG Wen-bing
  Published 10月 10日, 2008
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Special Topic—Application of Graphene in Friction, Wear and Lubrication

Current Status and Development of Research on Anti-corrosion Technology for Magnesium Alloys
  WANG Jing-feng, QIN Bin, WU Xia, PAN Fu-sheng and TANG Ai-tao
  Published 10月 10日, 2008
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Status and Advance of the Technology and Performance of Hot-dipped Alumining by Flux Method
  WANG Guang-wen, LIU Bing and SHI Chuang-mei
  Published 10月 10日, 2008
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Application and Development of Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation in the Material Surface Modification
  CHEN Hui-min
  Published 10月 10日, 2008
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Special Topic—Space Functional Coatings Technology

Effect of the Reflecting Layer on Laser Protection
  WU Ping, LI Ya-di and MA Xi-mei
  Published 10月 10日, 2008
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Study on Hard Anode Oxidation for Parts of Tank
  DONG Xiao-rong, HUANG Juan and MA Li-min
  Published 10月 10日, 2008
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