Volume 37,Issue 1,2008 Table of Contents

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Surface Strengthening Technology

Distribution of Ni-PTFE Composite Coating Prepared by Brush Electroplating with Straight-Iine Reciprocating Movement
  LI Wei-hong, ZHOU Xi-ying, XU Zou and YAN Min-jie
  Published 2月 10日, 2008
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Mechanism of Activation of Anode of Mg Alloy Seawater Battery
  MA Zheng-qing, PANG Xu, ZUO Lie, CAO Lin and ZENG Su-min
  Published 2月 10日, 2008
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Investigation on Surface Defects Produced in Pretreatment of Die-casting AM60B Magnesium Alloy
  DING Pei-pei, YE Cong-wang and LING Guo-ping
  Published 2月 10日, 2008
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Preparation and Properties of Novel Conductive Polymer Fiber Powders
  LUO Bai-ping, GUO Hong-xia and WANG Qun
  Published 2月 10日, 2008
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Comparison of the ( Ti,AI)N coatings on Al and Mg alloy substrate by AIP
  SONG Gui-hong, LI Feng, CHEN Li-jia and DU Hao
  Published 2月 10日, 2008
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The Optical Properties of AIN film by Magnetron Reactive Sputtering
  ZHU Chun-yan and ZHU Chang
  Published 2月 10日, 2008
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Influence of Frequency of Intermittent Alternative Magnetic Field on Microstructure and Properties of Plasma Arc Surfacing Layer
  LIU Zheng-jun, SUN Jing-gang, CI Hong-gang and SONG Xing-kui
  Published 2月 10日, 2008
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Research on Partial Ablation of Magnesium Alloy During Micro Arc Oxidation
  CHEN Hai_tao, MA Yue_zhou, ZHANG Chang-qing and MA Feng-jie
  Published 2月 10日, 2008
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Preparation of SiOx Film by Sol-gel Process and Its Adhesion to Al Substrate
  ZHAO Sheng-Ii, CHEN Hai-yun, WEN jiu-ba, BI Yu-xin, Zhang Ying-tao and ZHAO Chong-jun
  Published 2月 10日, 2008
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Study on an Ethanolamine-containing Alkaline Etching Solution
  LI De-Iiang, WANG Dan, LUO Jie, LONG Li-juan and PENG Yun
  Published 2月 10日, 2008
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Study on Corrosive Behavior of Plasma Mo Modified Titanium in Artifical Blood Solution
  QIN Yan-mei, SUN Bin-yu, ZHANG Xiu-zhi, YAN Xiao-yan and FAN Ai_lan
  Published 2月 10日, 2008
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The Study on the Effect of Different Copper Content on Electroless Ni-Cu-P Plating for Magnesium Alloy
  MA Zhuang, WANG Chong and LI Zhi-chao
  Published 2月 10日, 2008
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Compact Process of Microstructure of Arc-spraying-coating of FeCrAIW
  LIU Xing and ZHAO Xia
  Published 2月 10日, 2008
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Investigation on Laser Remelting and Property of High Chromium Cast Steel
  LI Tong-dao, WANG Yong and HAN Bin
  Published 2月 10日, 2008
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Microstructure and Phase Transformation of TiNiCu Shape Memory Alloy Films with Different Cu Content
  BIAN Tie-rong, LU Zheng-xin and JING Xiao_tian
  Published 2月 10日, 2008
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Study on the Morphology and Composition of Electroless Nickel on the Wood Surface
  SUN Bin
  Published 2月 10日, 2008
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The study on Microstructures and Properties of Solid Solution and Aging Heat Treated after Deeply Aluminized Copper
  HU Shi-ju, SHI Hai-fang and LI zhi_chao
  Published 2月 10日, 2008
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Super Smooth Surface Fabrication Processes-plasma Etching
  WANG Ying-nan, HANG Ling-xia and HU Min-da
  Published 2月 10日, 2008
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The Technology Optimization of Supersonic Arc Spray Aluminium in Large-scale Anticorrosion Construction
  ZHANG Zhi-jun and CAO Lu-chun
  Published 2月 10日, 2008
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Palladium-free Activation Electroless Nickel Plating on Cenosphere Surface
  ZHENG Heng, SHAO Qian, LENG Shu-wei and GE Sheng-shong
  Published 2月 10日, 2008
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Pretreatment of Electroless Nickel Plating for SLA Prototype
  HUANG Chun-yan, LIU Hong-jun and LI Ya_min
  Published 2月 10日, 2008
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Study on the Laser Surface Strengthen Process of lCr18Ni9Ti
  HAN Li and JIANG Wei
  Published 2月 10日, 2008
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Reserch on the Black Phosphating Film at the Mid-temperature
  WANG Jian-sheng and LIU Li_tuo
  Published 2月 10日, 2008
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Special Topic—High-speed Machining Tool Coating Technology

New Evolution of Electrodeposition of Nanoalloys
  TU Zhen-mi, HU Hui-Li, LI Ning, CAO Li-xin and An Mao-zhong
  Published 2月 10日, 2008
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Review of Research on the Effect of Nano-fillers on the Corrosion Resistance and Wear Resistance of Epoxy Coating
  CONG Wei-wei, ZHOU Zhang-jian, SONG Shu-xiang, YAO Wei-zhi, MA Yao and GE Chang-chun
  Published 2月 10日, 2008
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Special Topic—Space Functional Coatings Technology

The Manufacture on Multi-wave Band Grass-model Camouflage Web
  YAN Jia-bin, LIU Ying, HU Chuan-xin and SHEN Chen
  Published 2月 10日, 2008
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Study on Pt/Ti Electrode in Ionized Water Generator
  JU He, ZHANG Yu-ping, CAI Tian-xiao, WANG Kun and LI Shu-juan
  Published 2月 10日, 2008
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Rating System of the Nickel Coating Corrosion Protection Grade Based on Image Processing
  QU Yan-ping, YU Miao and GENG Xin
  Published 2月 10日, 2008
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Technologies of Two-way Pulse Silver Plating
  GAO Sheng-wen
  Published 2月 10日, 2008
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The Application of Laser Texturing in the Surface Treatment of Friction Units
  QIAN Zhen-hua and ZUO Xi-qing
  Published 2月 10日, 2008
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Application of Partial Preservation Technology of Silver-plating on Busbars-based Current Carrying Parts
  JIN Xu-hong
  Published 2月 10日, 2008
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