Volume 36,Issue 6,2007 Table of Contents

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Surface Strengthening Technology

Study on Corrosion Resistance of Hot Dip Al-Zn Steel Pretreated with Bis-( triethoxysilylpropyl) tetrasulfide
  SHAN Feng-jun, LIU Chang-sheng, WANG Shuang-hong and LIU Dong
  Published 12月 10日, 2007
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Corrosion Resistance of High Frequency Pulse Electroplating Ni-Co Coating
  GONG Xiao-jing, XU Yun-hua, YANG Yu-guo, CAO Ke-ning and ZHAO Yu
  Published 12月 10日, 2007
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The Effect of Laser-shock Processing on Mechanical Properties of Three New Materials
  CHEN Dong-feng and LI Chang-sheng
  Published 12月 10日, 2007
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Study on the EIS of Porous Anodic Alumina Membranes
  HE Ge-ping, LIANG Yan-ping and LIU Nan
  Published 12月 10日, 2007
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The Study on Microstructure and Oxidation Resistance for Cri_xAlxN Coating
  ZHONG Chun-Iiang, DONG Shi-run, YU Li-hua and XU Jun-hua
  Published 12月 10日, 2007
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Properties of Composite Ceramic Layer by Microarc Oxidation and Hydrothermal Treatment on Titanium Alloy
  SHI Xing-Iing, WANG Qing-liang and GE Shi-rong
  Published 12月 10日, 2007
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Hot Corrosion Behavior of Nanostructured High Chromium Content Nickel Based Alloy Coatings Prepared by AC-HVAF Technique
  ZHANG Jie, TAO Kai, CUI Hua, ZHOU Xiang-lin and ZHANG Ji-shan
  Published 12月 10日, 2007
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Improvement of High Velocity Oxy-fuel Sprayed Carbide Composite Coatings by Laser Irradiation Treatment
  YANG Hui
  Published 12月 10日, 2007
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Research of Corrosion Resistance for Chromate Passivation Tinplate in Different Temperature
  GONG Xue-nan, LIU Chang-sheng, YU Xiao-zhong and AN Cheng-qiang
  Published 12月 10日, 2007
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Study on the Plasma Polymerization of CTFE and the Hydrophility of CPP Film
  CHU Guo-hong, YIN Xiao_mei, LI Hui, ZHANG Li-bin and Zhang Shu-xiang
  Published 12月 10日, 2007
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Applications of Atomic Force Microscopy to Microbiologically Induced Corrosion
  YUAN Wei-shuang, LI Jin, ZHANG Sa and DU Yi-Ii
  Published 12月 10日, 2007
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Microstructure and Properties of the TiAIN Coating on Ti Alloy by Arc Ion Plating
  WANG Bao-yun, YAN Peng, LI Zheng-xian, DU Ji-hong and PAN Xiao-Iong
  Published 12月 10日, 2007
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Microcosmic Appearance of Mechanical Zinc Coatings and Superficial Organic Silicon Pore Sealing and Anticorrosion Treatment
  LU Ji and SHI Yan
  Published 12月 10日, 2007
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Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Reactively Sputtered Ti( O, N) Coatings
  WU Ying, WU Xin-wei, LI Guang-ze and LI Ge-yang
  Published 12月 10日, 2007
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Study on Electrolyte for MAO and Corrosion Resistance of Magnesium Alloy
  GAO Feng, LI Peng-fei, GUO Feng, ZHANG Yan and NIU Shi-yue
  Published 12月 10日, 2007
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Surface Coating on Cenosphere and Study on Its Reflection Heat Insulating
  YU Ming-tao, WAN Long and LIU Xiao-pan
  Published 12月 10日, 2007
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Wear Resistance of Micro-arc Oxidized Ceramic Layers on Aluminum alloy
  BAO Ai-Iian and LIU Wan-hui
  Published 12月 10日, 2007
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Study on Microstructures and Properties of Composite Pipe Made by Centrifugal SHS
  DI Shi-lei, WANG Ning and GAO Ping
  Published 12月 10日, 2007
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The Electrochemical Preparation and Reaction Mechanism of Potassium Ferrate
  SHANG Hong-Ii and TIAN zhi-feng
  Published 12月 10日, 2007
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Oxidation on Al-Si Casting Aluminium Alloy
  LI Zhen-fang
  Published 12月 10日, 2007
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Ni-P Alloying Treatment of Mg-Li Alloy Surface
  GAO Fu-qi, GAO Bin and AO Xiang
  Published 12月 10日, 2007
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Effect of the Technological Condition in Ultrasonic Field on the Performance of Electroless Plating
  YANG Pei-yan, GONG Li, GU Bao-shan and SUN Hua-jie
  Published 12月 10日, 2007
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Special Topic—Application of Graphene in Friction, Wear and Lubrication

Nano-polycrystal Diamond Superfine Powders and Its Application in Surface Techniques
  WU Yuan-kang
  Published 12月 10日, 2007
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The Development of the Nanometer Ti02 Preparation at Low Temperature
  WANG Bin, YAN Jun, DU Shi-guo and CUI Hai-ping
  Published 12月 10日, 2007
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Surface Technology Application and Development in Mould and Die Repairing
  GUO Xiao-yan, ZHANG Jin, ZHAGN Ye-cheng and SUN Zhi-fu
  Published 12月 10日, 2007
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Progress of Aluminum Alloy Ceramic Coating
  SHI Hai-fang, LI Xiao, LV Wen-tao and MA Zhuang
  Published 12月 10日, 2007
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Applications of Surface Strengthening Techniques in H13 Steel
  KUI Gong-yi
  Published 12月 10日, 2007
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Special Topic—Space Functional Coatings Technology

Technology Design of Immersion Silver Plating onto Copper Substrate Based on Galvanic Current
  WEI Zhe-liang
  Published 12月 10日, 2007
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Application of the Explosion Spraying Technique in Work Piece Surface Processing
  YU Jia-jun, LING Yong-jian and WU Jian-gen
  Published 12月 10日, 2007
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Preparation and Performance Research on KY Type Blackening Solution of Brass at Room Temperature
  KONG Qing-ping and YIN Bing
  Published 12月 10日, 2007
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Special Topic—Abrasive and Finishing Technologies and Machined Surface Integrity

The design of Plastic Paint Remover
  LI You-bin and ZOU Hong-qing
  Published 12月 10日, 2007
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Improvement on Corrosion Resistance of Steel Black Phosphide
  YIN Bo and HUANG Fan
  Published 12月 10日, 2007
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Surface Quality Control of Cold Rolled Austenitic Stainless Stell Strip for Deep Drawing
  PENG Zheng-quan and XUE Wen-gong
  Published 12月 10日, 2007
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