Volume 36,Issue 4,2007 Table of Contents

Other Issues:  

Surface Strengthening Technology

Microstructural Analysis of Nanostructured WC-12Co Coatings Sprayed by HVOF
  ZHAO Hui, WANG Qun, DING Zhang-xiong and ZHANG Yun-qian
  Published 8月 10日, 2007
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Effect of Final Voltage on Corrosion Resistance of MB8 Mg Alloys by Micro-arc Oxidation
  ZHAO Qing, ZHANG Zhi-you and CHEN Ning
  Published 8月 10日, 2007
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The Study on the Oxidation Kinetics of CVD Free-standing Diamond Films
  LIU Jing-ming and LV Fan-xiu
  Published 8月 10日, 2007
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Investigation of First Mirror Irradiated in HT-7
  LI Ren-hong, TANG Chun-jiang, CHEN Jun-Iing and ZHONG Fa-Ii
  Published 8月 10日, 2007
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Sol-gel Template Synthesis of Nio Nanowires
  TANG Hong-wei, WANG Jiang-Iiang, CHANG Zhao-rong, MIAO Wang and SUN Dong
  Published 8月 10日, 2007
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Microstructure and Properties of 45 Steel Strengthened with Silicon Electrode by EDM
  ZHANG Wei-ping, YE Guo-pin and FENG Xin
  Published 8月 10日, 2007
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Study on Hardness of Multicomponent Permeated 20 Steel
  YANG Ying-ge, ZHOU Hai, CHEN Fe, WAN Han-cheng and XI Ming
  Published 8月 10日, 2007
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Study on Absorption and Stability of Sodium Citrate ori Nario-A1203 Colloform System
  REN Yun, LIU Hui-min and SHI Zhi-ming
  Published 8月 10日, 2007
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Study on Microstructure and Properties of Acidic Electroless Plating Ni-P layer at Middle Temperature
  FANG Xin-xian
  Published 8月 10日, 2007
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Research of Silver Plating Copper Filled Conductive Adhesive
  ZHANG Ju-guo and FU Qiu-ya
  Published 8月 10日, 2007
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The Study on the Choice of Surface Modifiers and the Modification Principle of the Modified Fly Ash
  ZHANG Hong-bo and HAN Chun-long
  Published 8月 10日, 2007
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Aluminum-doped Zno Thin Films by the Sol-Gel Method
  WEI Mei-qin, ZHANG Guang-sheng and YAO Wen-jie
  Published 8月 10日, 2007
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Study on Surface Modification of Ultra-fine Oxide Iron Powder
  XU Yang, ZHANG Lu-ying, LI Cheng-wei and SUN Yuan-Iong
  Published 8月 10日, 2007
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Effect of Carbon and Oxygen on Hydrogen Permeation Barrier
  SHAN Li-mei and ZHAO Ping
  Published 8月 10日, 2007
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The Surface Modification of Nano-Ti02 and Its Distribution in Polyurethane Coatings
  ZHENG Gao, DU Nan and LIANG Hong-bo
  Published 8月 10日, 2007
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Study on Electroless Silver Plating on Magnesium and Its Alloys
  ZHAO Hui and CUI JIAN-zhong
  Published 8月 10日, 2007
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Electrodeposition of Ni and Fe Alloy on Diamond Grains
  SUN Gang, CHEN Chao, PENG Fang, WANG Jiang-hua, ZHANG Mei-guang, HUANG Shuai and NIU Qiu-Iin
  Published 8月 10日, 2007
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Study on AC Pulse Plasma Modification for PTFE Surface
  CHEN Shou-bu, SUN Feng-Iou and ZHOU Wu-qing
  Published 8月 10日, 2007
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Investigation of Electroless Plating on A231 Magnesium Alloys
  ZHANG Dao-jun, SHAO Hong-hong and JIANG Xiao-yan
  Published 8月 10日, 2007
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The Influence of Craft Parameter on the Microstructure by C02 Laser Cladding
  JIANG Wei, HU Fang-you and HUANG Xu-ren
  Published 8月 10日, 2007
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Special Topic—Application of Graphene in Friction, Wear and Lubrication

Present Situation and Development Tendency of Low Temperature Phosphating
  ZHANG Ming-ming, ZHANG Sheng-lin and KONG Xiao-bo
  Published 8月 10日, 2007
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The Preparation, Properties and Applications of Composite Coatings Containing Carbon Nanotube ( CNT)
  LU Hui-yang, HUANG Zhi-wei, LI li-bo and LI Yun-dong
  Published 8月 10日, 2007
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Review on Micro-arc Oxidation
  XI Xiao-guang
  Published 8月 10日, 2007
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The Progress of Research of Surface Modification for Hollow Fly-ash Beads
  CHEN Song-tao, LI Song-tian, wu chun-du, YAN Yong-sheng and HUO Peng-wei
  Published 8月 10日, 2007
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Research and Development of Surface Residual Stress Testing Based on Ultrasonic Wave
  YU Fu-jin, ZHAO Yan_wei and ZHANG Ke_hua
  Published 8月 10日, 2007
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Special Topic—Space Functional Coatings Technology

Study on Erosion Wear Properties of Epoxy Resin/ Montmorillonite Coating and Its Application
  CHEN Ming-hua, GE Wen-jun and XiA Cheng-bao
  Published 8月 10日, 2007
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New Zinc-phosphating Process with RE Catalyzer at Low Temperature for Painting Pretreatment of Cold-rolling A3 Steel Sheet
  JIANG Jing-hua, LI Ling, HU Jian_xin, JIANG Jian-qing and MA Ai-bin
  Published 8月 10日, 2007
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The Preparation of F - Adsorbent with Waste Salt Silt of Chloro-alkaline Factory
  LI Qing and DING Ze-ren
  Published 8月 10日, 2007
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Special Topic—Abrasive and Finishing Technologies and Machined Surface Integrity

Question and Countermeasure of the Lubrication Management to Equipment of Engineering Overhauling System
  YAO Tang-wei, XIONG Wei-guo and ZHU Jian-chang
  Published 8月 10日, 2007
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The Electroplating of Aluminium and Aluminium Alloy
  SHI Lei, SHI Yong and DONG Xin_min
  Published 8月 10日, 2007
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Uncertainty Evaluation of Measurement Results of Coating Viscosity
  FU Ping and LIU Yan-Iin
  Published 8月 10日, 2007
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Effect of Trace Element on Anticorrosion for Zinc Coat W-beams Barriers
  WANG Cheng-hu
  Published 8月 10日, 2007
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