Volume 36,Issue 3,2007 Table of Contents

Other Issues:  

Surface Strengthening Technology

Failure Analysis of Cast Iron Sealed Ring and Study on MoS2/CrAITiN Bilayer Films Prepared by Unbalanced Magnetron Sputtering on Cast Iron Sealed Ring
  HUANG Yuan-Iin, ZHU You-Ii and LI Zhan-ming
  Published 6月 10日, 2007
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Research on Mechanism and Stability of Zinc Alloy Dipping Solution
  NIE Shi-dong, GUO Hong-xia, WANG Che, LI Yong-qing and WANG Qun
  Published 6月 10日, 2007
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Corrosion Resistance of Magnesium Alloy after Ti Ion Implantation
  CHEN Fei, ZHOU Hai, YAO Bin and WANG Jian-ping
  Published 6月 10日, 2007
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The Cathodic Polarization of Electrodepositing Zn-Ni Alloy Coatings
  DONG Peng, ZHANG Ying-jie and FAN Yun-ying
  Published 6月 10日, 2007
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Study on Corrosion Inhibition and Adsorption Thermodynamics of Propiolic Alcohol on Pure Aluminum in Sodium Hydroxide
  LI Chun-ying, WANG Jia, LIU Ming-jing, HUANG Feng, LI Bai-ling and JIAO Qing-zhu
  Published 6月 10日, 2007
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Study on Infrared Stealth Coating with Different Radiance Grads and with Separation of the Infrared Patterns from the Visible Light Image
  ZHOU Xue-mei, ZHOU Guang-hua, ZHANG Ping and TANG Ji-hai
  Published 6月 10日, 2007
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Study on the 8mm Microwave Interference Capability of Metallized Bamboo Fibre
  CHEN Xin, PAN Gong-pei, YANG Li-fei, ZHAO Jun, CAO Chuan_xin and XU Jing-xing
  Published 6月 10日, 2007
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Investigation on Electronic Circuit Preparation Using Selective Laser Sintering of Copper and Tungsten
  WANG Wei-jiang, Werner Jillek, Armin Lenhar and YU Zu-zhan
  Published 6月 10日, 2007
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Study on Preparation and Property of Si02-based Ceramic Coating by Slurry Method
  LI Yao-dong, ZHAO Yue_chao and GAO Hong
  Published 6月 10日, 2007
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The Numerical Analysis of Particle Character in High Velocity Oxygen/Air Fuel Spray
  LIU Xue-feng, LIU Chun-he, ZHANG Shi-nian and PENG Dao-yong
  Published 6月 10日, 2007
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Study on Additives for Nicotinic Acid Silver Plating
  WANG Chun-xia, DU Nan, Zhao Qing, WU Peng and ZHAN Yong-qing
  Published 6月 10日, 2007
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Research of Micro-arc Oxidation of Aluminum Alloy
  DUAN Guan-wen, LI Jin-fu, WANG Yong-jun and XU Zhi-xiong
  Published 6月 10日, 2007
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Alloy Transfer and the Effect on Hardness of Surfacing Welded Metal
  ZHANG Yuan_bin, LU Dong-hong and SHI Yao_wu
  Published 6月 10日, 2007
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Technology Optimization of Reactive Ion Plating for AIN Film and Its Analysis
  LIU Si-yong, LIN Li, YANG Wu-bao and SUN Hui-feng
  Published 6月 10日, 2007
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Research on Colored Electroless Ni-P Plating
  QU Zhi-jian and HUANG Gen-Iiang
  Published 6月 10日, 2007
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Effect of the Alternate Pulse Parameter on the Micro-arc Oxidation Coatings on TC4 Titanium Alloy
  CHEN Ning, ZHAO Qing and ZHANG Zhi-you
  Published 6月 10日, 2007
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Study on the Process of Electroless Ni-P-PTFE Composite Plating
  CHEN Zeng-hui and XIE Hua
  Published 6月 10日, 2007
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Special Topic—Application of Graphene in Friction, Wear and Lubrication

Structure Design and Development of Thin Multilayer RAM
  ZHU Li-qun and GU Jing
  Published 6月 10日, 2007
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Surface Treatment of Carbon Fiber for Composites
  WANG Yun-ying, MENG Jiang-yan, CHEN Xue_bin and BAI yang
  Published 6月 10日, 2007
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The Application and Developments of Rare-earth Elements in Surface Treatments of Aluminum Alloy
  CHEN Dao-qi, FAN Hong-yuan, CHEN Zhi-wen and NI Xiao-qing
  Published 6月 10日, 2007
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Application & Development of Electroplating Technology on Continuous Casting Mold Surface
  HOU Feng-yan, TAN Xing-hai, JIANG Li-min, HUANG Li, ZHANG Yue-gang, BI Gang and LI Chao-xiong
  Published 6月 10日, 2007
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Polishing Techniques and Development of Abrasive Water Jet
  SHAO Fei, LIU Hong-jun and MA Ying
  Published 6月 10日, 2007
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Special Topic—Space Functional Coatings Technology

The Principle and the Laboratorial Research on the Surface of Metal Strengthened by the Electro-hydraulic Impulse Water-air Jet
  PEI Jiang-hong, TANG Chuan-Iin, ZHANG Feng-hua and LIA0 2hen-fang
  Published 6月 10日, 2007
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Review of Preparation and Application of Diamond-Iike Carbon Films
  ZHANG Bi-yun, QU Yan-qing, XIE Hong-mei and NIE Chao-yin
  Published 6月 10日, 2007
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The Effect of Content of Si02 0n Encapsulation for the Green Luminescence Phosphor
  HOU zhj-qing, LIU Dong-zhou, HOU Shuang-yin, LIU Li-fang, KANG Yan-shuang and li zhj-qiang
  Published 6月 10日, 2007
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Special Topic—Abrasive and Finishing Technologies and Machined Surface Integrity

Effect of Electroless Ni-P Plating on the Surface Roughness of the Workpiece
  WANG Yu-xiang, ZHOU Su_min, PAN Cheng and YIN Rong-rong
  Published 6月 10日, 2007
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Analysis of Corrosion Reason of Incinerator Body
  XUE Fu-Iian
  Published 6月 10日, 2007
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