Volume 36,Issue 2,2007 Table of Contents

Other Issues:  

Surface Strengthening Technology

Oxidation Protective Behavior of SiC Coating for Different Carbon Matrix
  ZHAO Juan, WANG Gui, LIU Lang and GUO Quan-gui
  Published 4月 10日, 2007
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Study on Phosphate System Electrolyte for MAO and Ceramic Coating of Aluminum Alloy
  LIU Rong-ming, GUO Feng and YA Ya
  Published 4月 10日, 2007
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Analysis of Influence Factors of Dip-pen Nanolithography
  SHOU Sha
  Published 4月 10日, 2007
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The Analysis of the Microstructure and Bond Strength of the Coatings Sprayed using Heterogeneity Particles at the Same time
  XIAO Ming-ying, WANG Yin-zhen, QIN Qing-bin and FAN Zhen-hong
  Published 4月 10日, 2007
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Destruction of Hydrogen Permeation Barrier in C02
  SHAN Li-mei and ZHAO Ping
  Published 4月 10日, 2007
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Primary Investigation on Metal Transporting Medium in Vapor Transferring Coating
  ZHANG Zhong-jian, JIN Ying-rong, LIU Jin-yun, WU Hu_lin and CAI JUN
  Published 4月 10日, 2007
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Experimental Study on Cleaning Metal Surface Wolf-bane with Electrochemistry Method
  CHEN De-shu and LIAO Zhen-fang
  Published 4月 10日, 2007
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Natural Environmental Multi-angle Exposure Contrast Test about Three kinds of Polymer Materials
  YI Ping, HE jian-xin, YANG Xiu-qing and YANG De-mo
  Published 4月 10日, 2007
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Study on Low Cost Chemistry Modification on ( SiC) p
  XU Hui, WANG Gui fang, LUAN Feng-hu and HU Sheng-peng
  Published 4月 10日, 2007
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Study on Tropism of Fiber Separated within Radar Absorbing Coating
  QIU Hua, RAN Hong-wu, WEI Wen-zheng, XIE Chun-se and ZHAO You-jun
  Published 4月 10日, 2007
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Research on Preparing Technology of Hard Nitrid Layer by High-frequency Induction Nitriding Process on Ti6A14V Alloy
  HAN Cui-hong, QIAN Han-cheng, LI Jun and WANG Shu-hong
  Published 4月 10日, 2007
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Surface Modification by Electrical Discharge Machining using Industrial Si as Tool Electrode
  ZHANG Shou-kui, WANG Dan-hong and LIANG Yan-de
  Published 4月 10日, 2007
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Research of Rare-earth Cerium Conversion Film on Stainless Steels
  DU Kang, LIANG Yan-ping, HE Ge-ping and HUANG Fang-fang
  Published 4月 10日, 2007
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Study on Fabrication of B4C/Ag Composite Powder by Chemical Plating
  YUAN Yun-she, LI Guo-Iu, XUE Yue-teng and JI Gang
  Published 4月 10日, 2007
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Chemical Milling Technology for Titanium Alloy & It' s Product Line
  HOU Shi-min, ZHANG jin-wei, LU Xiang-ping, ZHAO Xing-jian and KONG De-bing
  Published 4月 10日, 2007
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Study on the Citric Acid Passivation and the Pitting Corrosion Resistance of 316L Stainless Steel
  MA Li-yang, DING Yi, MA Li-qun, YAO Chun-rong and SHEN Wei-dong
  Published 4月 10日, 2007
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Special Topic—Application of Graphene in Friction, Wear and Lubrication

Research Progress on Nanostructured Coatings Deposited by High Velocity Oxy-fuel Thermal Spraying
  WANG Qun, DING Zhang-xiong, CHEN Zhen-hua, ZHANG Shi-ying, LI Xue-qian and WU Wei-dong
  Published 4月 10日, 2007
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Progress of Research on Electroless Nickel Plating Pretreatment Technology for Aluminum
  FAN Jian-feng and MA Xiao-Iing
  Published 4月 10日, 2007
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Research Progress in Miniemulsion Polymerization Coated Inorganic Nano-particles
  LI Shu-juan, LIU Xiang-xuan and WANG Xuan-jun
  Published 4月 10日, 2007
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Development of Electrochemical Polishing Technology
  DU Bing-zhi and QI Hong-Ian
  Published 4月 10日, 2007
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Actuality and Development of Plating Processes on Magnesium Alloys
  ZHANG Ming-yuan, LAN Wei and CHEN Liang-zhao
  Published 4月 10日, 2007
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Application Status of Rare Earth Oxides Ceramic Materials on Thermal Barrier Coatings
  LIU Bao, ZHAN Zhao-lin and ZHAI zhi-qing
  Published 4月 10日, 2007
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Special Topic—Space Functional Coatings Technology

Preparation Analysis of Universal Cathode Electrophoresis Colorants
  WU Jin-ping, DU Chang-sen, ZHOU Hua and LV Shi-ming
  Published 4月 10日, 2007
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Application of Chemical Ni Plating in Drawing Die
  LIU Hui-ping, RUAN Feng and LUO Jian-dong
  Published 4月 10日, 2007
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Preparation of Dumb-gloss Iron Red Epoxy Ester Antirust Primer and Relation between PVC and Gloss
  FU Yan, YANG Guo-sheng and ZHAO Chun-ying
  Published 4月 10日, 2007
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Preparation Process of Trivalent Chromium Blue White Passivating Film with High Corrosion Resistance
  SHEN Pin-hua and QIAN Bao-liang
  Published 4月 10日, 2007
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Study on the Preparation of Ag-coated Flake Graphite
  GONG Zheng-peng, YOU Min, ZHANG Lu-Iu, WU Jian_hao and WEI Xiao-hong
  Published 4月 10日, 2007
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Special Topic—Abrasive and Finishing Technologies and Machined Surface Integrity

Crack Analysis of Barrel
  Published 4月 10日, 2007
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Investigation on the Reason of the Corrosion to the Chrome-plating Anode with the Coating of Tin-Iead Alloy
  WANG Zhi-qiang and WANG Ya-jun
  Published 4月 10日, 2007
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Factor of Causing Cathodic-electrophoresis Coatings Defect and Its Process Method
  WU Chao-yun and ZHANG Jin
  Published 4月 10日, 2007
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