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Rights and Responsibilities

1. Enjoy the right to sign on the website and printed journals of Surface Technology;

2. Enjoy the right to promote individuals and their teams for free from Surface Technology;

3. Actively promote Surface Technology at relevant international conference;

4. Actively promote Surface Technology in important international institutions;

5. Actively make suggestions for the improvement of the journal's international influence;

6. If appropriate, recommend experts and articles to the journal.











Birth year





Graduate institutions

     Nanjing Tech University





Work unit

Division of Machine Elements, Lulea University of Technology, Sweden

Office phone



Division of Machine Elements, Lulea University of Technology, Sweden






Main research topics

Tribology, Material science, surface chemistry

Main research achievements

Prof. Yijun Shi has nearly 20 years of experience in tribology and material science. At present, his main research area is green and intelligent tribology. He has published around 100 papers in peer-reviewed international journals, which include Adv. Mater., ACS Nano, Nano Energy, Chem. Comm. ACS Appl. Mater. Inter., J. Phys. Chem. B., J. Phys. Chem. C., Carbon, Trib. Int. etc. He reviews regularly for funding bodies in Sweden, EU and internationally, and for leading international journals. He presided over more than 10 national and projects including Interreg-Nord, VR, Energimyndigheten, VINNOVA, Formas, MISTRA and Sweden Kemepe, Lantmannen, SVC, J. Gust. Richert Stiftelse and other enterprises and association projects. In the past five years, as project leader and main applicant, his granted project research funding has reached more than 50 million Swedish kronor. In 2019, he should be the only researcher in Sweden who was awarded both VR and FORMAS fundamental study projects. He is also the principal inventor of three international patents, which have been purchased by related companies for industrial applications. Prof. Shi's group also has close cooperation with industry in solving problems linked to smart machines. The industrial partners include Scania, BorgWarner, Volvo Construction Equipment, SKF, Gestamp, HardTech, Shell, Bosch Rexroth, etc. In 2015, he founded a green lubricating oil company in Sweden, promoting the development of the green lubrication in Sweden and even in the world.


Prof. Shi got the award of the first prize of science and Technology Progress of Petrochemical Association (2008) and National Technological Invention in China (2009) as the principal accomplisher. He also won the first prize of Swedish National Venture Cup Entrepreneurship Competition (2016) as the first person to complete it (only one in Sweden in 2016), won the Future Achievement Award in Sweden in 2015 (only one in Sweden in 2015).


Other academic participation

  • Associate editor for: Part J: Journal of Engineering Tribology
  • Editor-in-Chief for: ES Materials & Manufacturing


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