Philippe REFAIT






Work unit

LaSIE – UMR 7356 CNRS University of La Rochelle


Ph. D (Materials Science)





Main research topics

- Corrosion mechanisms (mainly of carbon steel and low alloy steel) in natural environments: marine corrosion (e.g. seaport structures, marine renewable energy devices, etc.), corrosion of buried steel pipelines, corrosion in nuclear waste storage, etc.

- Biocorrosion and more generally role of micro-organisms, associated species and organic matter.

- Cathodic protection, and more specifically understanding of the processes occurring under cathodic polarization (cathodic zones of a metal, defects in a sacrificial coating, etc.)

Main research achievements

- More than 150 published research articles, including 37 papers in Corrosion Science, 14 in Electrochimica Acta and 9 book chapters.

- h-index = 41, ca 4800 citations

- Currently the chair of the “Marine Corrosion” working party of the European Federation of Corrosion (EFC).

- Director of LEMMA laboratory (2004-2007) and assistant director of the Faculty of Science and Technology (2003-2007) of the University of La Rochelle.

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