Bernard Normand




Work unit

INSA de Lyon








Deputy Director of MATEIS Laboratory, UMR 5510 CNRS, INSA Lyon, Université Lyon1.

Deputy Director of IngéLySE, FRE CNRS 3411, Université de Lyon.

Main research topics

Electrochemical corrosion, Passivation, Tribocorrosion, Coatings, Surface Engineering


Main research achievements

1.       Deputy Director of Laboratory of Excellence (LABEX) MANUTECH-SISE, Université de Lyon.

2.       Deputy Director of IngéLySE, FRE CNRS 3411, Université de Lyon.

3.       Joint team leader (with Prof. Yutaka Watanabe) of the ‘’Understanding and Managing SCC’’ axis of the International Associated Laboratory of the CNRS ELyT Lab, founded from the engineering schools of Lyon and Tohoku University, since 2008.

4.       President of the Corrosion Methods and Measurements Commission at CEFRACOR since 2008.

5.       Group head Corrosion and Surface Engineering (CorrIS) from 2007 to 2015.

6.       Alternate member of the CNU commission of the CNU 33rd section since 2011.

7.       Director Industrial Physical Chemistry  laboratory from 2004 to 2007

8.       Involvement, as a specialist authority, in HCERES evaluations

9.       3 Collective monographs

10.   4 Chapters in collective monographs

11.   80 grade A publications, 3 in national magazines

12.   70 international conferences including 30 conferences as a guest 

13.   Young researcher prize - CEFRACOR 1996

14.   Great Medal Chaudron - CEFRACOR 2012 (French Scientific Society for Corrosion) (

15.   Medal Charles Eichner 2019 – French Society of Metallurgy and Materials (

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